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Any thoughts that Triple H would be subtle about reforming? WWE in his image the past few weeks have gone out the window, and it sounds like he’s not done strengthening the roster yet. Once Vince McMahon retired, The Game took over the booking and creative duties for both Monday night Raw and Friday night SmackDown. Triple H proved in NXT that he could put together excellent wrestling programs, but there was a thought that he would slowly and steadily make changes at the main roster level.

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Turns out The King Of Kings had other plans. Since taking over the book and roster, Triple H has re-signed Dakota Kai and placed her in a stable at Bayley and IYO SKY. SKY was a call from NXT and one of the most underused wrestlers in the business. He also brought back one of the best free agents in wrestling in Karrion Kross. Kross is, of course, a former NXT champion who booked Triple H as a monster in development, only to see him debut on the main roster and promptly lose to Jeff Hardy. Those are two huge and impressive additions to WWE’s roster, but a recent report suggests Hunter isn’t done adding talent just yet.


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pugnacious selection reports that there is backstage belief that Triple H will continue to be aggressive in redesigning WWE. “…we have been informed that several other talents have been discussed for return, and that a ‘feel-out’ process has taken place. Those we spoke to told us we couldn’t expect Triple H to step off the throttle any time soon as he’s reshaping the roster to add depth. We’ve also heard of several individual talent meetings with Triple H that have already taken place during a busy first week of Raw and Smackdown getting underway.

Triple H has not only brought some of his top stars from NXT back into the fold, but he has also given them prominent spots on the map. Kai is in a feud at the main event alongside Bayley and Sky, while Kross was immediately stabbed in the uniformed title image on the most recent episode of SmackDown. That bodes well for any other talent that Triple H may be actively looking for.

Perhaps the most prominent name still on the market with strong ties to WWE’s new Head Of Creative is Johnny Gargano. With Ciampa ready to challenge Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship on the August 8 episode of Monday night raw, the stage could be set up for Johnny Wrestling to run on the main roster as well. WWE fans should buckle up because it sounds like Triple H is just getting started.

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Source: pugnacious selection

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