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With the arrival of Thor: love and thunder, the MCU got a new villain for Thor to fight in the form of Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher. Thor has had a prolific tenure so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with four standalone films and four crossover films featuring the Avengers.

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As a result, Thor himself has a large number of villains to fight against. Even if Thor isn’t the main character himself, he still faces the villains. So now it’s time to see where Gorr The God Butcher lands on a list of famous villains like Loki and Thanos.


10 Malekith – Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Malekith looks serious in Thor: The Dark World.

Not only is Malekith a poor Thor villain, but he’s often ranked as one of the most lackluster MCU villains in the entire timeline. Christopher Eccleston is not to blame as he is a talented actor but unfortunately Malekith was simply written as a lame villain in Thor: The Dark World.

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There is no rhyme or reason for his actions to give his story some pathos and he is a typical villain. He’s bad to be bad with a monotonous persona. This is a shame because Malekith in the comics is actually one of Thor’s more charismatic villains.

9 Kurse – Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Close-up of Kurse from Thor The Dark World

In the case of ‘s secondary villain The dark worldKurse just has a more aesthetically interesting design. He starts out as a Dark Elf, but turns into a demonic creature who is essentially Malekith’s right-hand man.

However, that’s essentially all Kurse has to offer: a neat design, but he’s little more than a big villain for Thor and Loki to hit. He barely speaks and even before his transformation, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is a wasted actor.

8 The Grandmaster – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

A Portrait of the Grand Master by Thor Ragnarok

Introduced in Thor: RagnarokThe Grandmaster is the overseer of the Content Of Champions who gives him control over Sakaar. That gives him the prejudice that he is an Emperor Palpatine-esque figure, but the truth is that he is a charmingly flamboyant man more akin to Howard Hughes.

The twist makes Grandmaster fun to watch because all he cares about are parties. He does have a sinister side, though: he needs the Contest Of Champions to stay in power and it has to go the way he wants. At the same time, he is played by Jeff Goldblum who fully embraces his bizarre yet charming acting style for the character, making it impossible not to smile at him.

7 Laufey-Thor (2011)

Laufey arrives in Asgard in Thor

Laufey, played by Colm Feore in an unrecognizable role, is the king of the ice giants and the real father of Loki. Laufey and Thor only share one scene together, but the presence of the monarch always leaves an impression every time he is on screen. He is cold and calculating, and his voice booms with every syllable.

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The only flaw is that Laufey gets very little time in the story. Most villains are given to Loki and that’s why he is one of the best things of the first Thor. Still, Laufey could have used a little more screen time, as every time he appears, Colm Feore steals the film and the ice giants play a pivotal role in Loki’s plot.

6 Skurge the Executioner – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Skurge The Executioner Stands Among the Dead in Thor Ragnarok

Heimdall’s replacement on Asgard, Skurge starts out as a despicable braggart, but he has a small character arc all over Thor: Ragnarok. He feels he isn’t being treated very well, so he joins Hela on her quest to conquer Asgard as The Executioner, even though he clearly doesn’t want to hurt his people.

This is what leads to Skurge’s redemption when he abandons Hela to protect Asgard’s people as they escape the destruction of Ragnarok. It’s a shame his subplot was so small when it could have been one of the best MCU character arcs. Instead, it still does its job and helps Karl Urban steal the show for the short amount of time it’s there Ragnarok.

5 Ultron – Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

Ultron raises his fist in Avengers Age Of Ultron

As a rogue, Ultron is far from the typical representation of artificial intelligence that is rogue. Rather than a cold and emotionless machine, he is petty and full of jokes like his creator: Tony Stark. James Spader turns in a villainous performance Avengers: Age of Ultron that is as humorous as it is impressive.

When Ultron goes from pranks to murderous rage, there is little to no transition. It makes Ultron a volatile villain willing to cut off a man’s arm for creating the wrong content. There’s also a bit of social commentary when Ultron spent seconds on the web and decided that people should die.

4 Loki – Thor (2011) & The Avengers (2012)

Loki is in his cell in The Avengers (2012)

Loki has had the privilege of being Marvel’s first major villain. He wasn’t just the villain of the first Thor movie, but he was the one who first brought the Avengers together to save Earth. Since then, he has become one of Marvel’s most iconic anti-heroes, going from desiring to destroy Asgard and the Earth to help his brother save Asgard.

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In terms of his time as a villain, Loki stood out because not only was he twisted with an insane sense of humor, but he could also support his bark with a good bite. The only Avenger he couldn’t fight was the Hulk, meanwhile taking on Captain America, Iron Man and Thor on his own. He is powerful and charismatic, and it is impossible to hate him because his condition is understandable.

3 Hela – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Hela - House Targaryen

What happens when you take Odin’s power and Loki’s twisted nature? The result is the Goddess Of Death and Odin’s firstborn child: Hela. Poorly played by Cate Blanchett in Thor: RagnarokHela is what Malekith should have been in The dark world.

Hela is purely evil and she loves to be evil and embraces it with a cheeky smile while decimating her enemies with ease. Within minutes of being freed, she destroys Mjolnir, kills the Warriors Three, and conquers Asgard without even an ounce of remorse. Plus, she’s arguably one of the most powerful creatures in the MCU, as only Surtur who caused Ragnarok was able to stop Hela in the end.

2 Gorr The God Butcher – Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)


It’s Christian Bale, so it’s no surprise that he’s 100% committed to his performance as Gorr The God Butcher. Bale is one of the highlights of Thor: love and thunder as a result because supporting him is a villainous plot that is believable. He swears to kill all the gods after the death of his daughter and considers them vain and selfish beings.

His dark and tragic story makes for some of the best moments in love and thunder. Many fans agreed that Gorr just needed more screen time because he brought almost all the serious moments in the movie. Gorr even has some funny jokes and scary quotes as he tortures the heroes that make him even more three-dimensional.

1 Thanos – Avengers: Infinity War (2018) & Avengers: Endgame (2019)

He is a threat to the entire universe and unlike other villains whose plots are thwarted, Thanos actually wins the first time in Avengers: Infinity War. Despite a plethora of powerful Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy fighting against him, he got the Infinity Stones and broke away half of the existing population.

That alone makes him an effective villain, but he has more. As with Gorr, though his methods are gruesome, there are motivations behind his actions that elevate him to more than just a mustache-twirling villain. This motivation combined with a now-iconic performance by Josh Brolin and cutting-edge CGI makes Thanos the definitive villain of the MCU.

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