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Nabila Ishma Nurhabibah and Emmeril Khan Mumtadz alias Eril.  (Instagram/@nabilaishma)

Marcella Simon reportedly returned to his faith after converting to Islam and wearing a hijab.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Marcella Simon’s spiritual journey came into the spotlight after news circulated that the artist had returned to his faith after converting to Islam and wearing a hijab. The news broke because Marcella Simon uploaded a photo of how she was baptized.

Eril’s gifts for her boyfriend were revealed by Nabila Ishma’s latest upload on Instagram, Friday (5/8/2022). Nabila said she was surprised when suddenly there was a package that appeared to be a gift from her late lover.

Lucinta Luna shared a portrait of her on a plane allegedly returning to Indonesia. Netizens were immediately highlighting the photo because Lucinta Luna was wearing flashy head accessories.

The news above includes the top 5 most popular news NBCNEWS.LIVE on Saturday (6/8/2022). Here is the review!

1. 8 Marcella Simon’s spiritual journey, back to Christianity after two years of conversion to Islam

Marcella Simon’s spiritual journey. (Instagram/marcella_simon)

Marcella Simon has been a netizen conversation after she uploaded a photo of herself being baptized. Suddenly, her upload shocked netizens who knew that Marcella Simon is a convert.

Netter then realized that all of Marcella Simon’s portraits in hijabs had been deleted. Marcella Simon’s decision, who apparently returned to Christianity, was met with various comments.

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2. Nabila Ishma was surprised there was a package delivery, it turned out to be gifts from the late Eril while he was abroad

Nabila Ishma Nurhabibah and Emmeril Khan Mumtadz alias Eril. (Instagram/@nabilaishma)

About three months after the late Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz alias Eril died, Nabila Ishma received a package. It turned out that the package contained gifts from Eril when she was abroad before her death in May 2022.

Launching Nabila Ishma’s upload on Friday (5/8/2022), Eril’s mementos were originally found by her sister, Zara. He then contacted Nabila to send the souvenirs.

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3. Lucinta Luna shows photos on the plane, highlights on head accessories: want Ngereog at Citayam

Lucinta Luna Controversy (instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita)
Lucinta Luna Controversy (instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita)

Lucinta Luna recently had a series of plastic surgeries abroad. Through the latest upload on Instagram, Lucinta Luna broke the news that she would be returning to Indonesia soon.

In the upload, Lucinta Luna is seen taking photos on a plane, she is seen showing off her new face after the surgery, even though her face is still covered by a mask in the photo.

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4. Riesca Rose speaks out after being involved in fraud issues with Sule: Am I satisfied that all my jobs have been canceled because of this?

Riesca Rose (instagram/riesca_rose)
Riesca Rose (instagram/riesca_rose)

Riesca Rose suddenly became the target of netizens’ criticism after she was dragged into a relationship with Sule. Unable to endure the unpleasant talk, the singer who graduated from AFI 2013 finally spoke.

Riesca Rose asked netizens to stop defaming her. As a result, a number of jobs were lost.

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5. Ria Ricis finally revealed Baby R’s name and face: So beautiful and cute!

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan [Youtube]
Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan [Youtube]

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan held a wedding ceremony for their first daughter on Friday (5/8/2022). The happy moment was broadcast live on Ria Ricis’ Youtube channel.

The two couples finally officially revealed the full names and faces of their daughters.

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