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Marcella Simon (instagram)

Samuel Zylgwyn wrote a ‘Welcome home’ comment on the photo upload.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Actress Marcella Simon is back in the public spotlight due to an upload on her Instagram account. He, who is known to have converted to Islam since 2019, is now suspected of returning to his old faith.

In a photo recently uploaded to her Instagram account, Marcella shows the moment she was baptized. In the photo, he is seen wearing a white shirt in the font, accompanied by a religious leader.

“Be my fortress, (be my fort),” writes Marcella as the caption uploads for her.

Judging from Marcella’s previous uploads, there were no pictures of her wearing a headscarf in most of the photos.

The netizens then wrote several comments. Including one of them is the actor Samuel Zylgwyn. It seems that Franda’s husband has welcomed Marcella Simon.

“Welcome home,” Samuel wrote.

Marcella Simon (Instagram @marcella_simon)

“After 3 years full of near-death experiences, hear the call. Mue, if you are at church, you need someone to visit a place for mental health people who want to end their life, please call me,” Marcella Simon replied.

Most netizens suspect that Marcella Simon has converted to his old faith, which is Christianity.

“Don’t be slandered, he is still searching for his identity… hopefully he is always in the protection of Allah,” netizens said, “Just the hijab and mukena for me,” said another netizen.

Marcella Simon (instagram)

“The pictures using the hijab no longer exist,” said one netizen, “I want you too if you don’t wear the clothes and the hijab,” said another netizen, “Yesterday is the dubbed hijab which one was correct sis.. Yes whatever your religion don’t forget to worship,” said another.


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