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Kim Plath has undergone a transformation in Welcome to Plathville season 4, which can harm her children. The mother of nine has focused more on herself and what she wants in life. She may indeed be trying to better herself, but it could hurt her children in the process.

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When Kim announced that she wanted a divorce from her husband, Barry Plath, it came as a surprise to the whole family. The Welcome to Plathville star said she felt she was being forced into the decision after years of being unloved and unappreciated. The distance she created between her and Barry also deepened the gulf between her and her younger children. She threw herself into her work and kept busy getting her dance studio, Grady Central, ready for opening. Nights once spent on the couch trying to divorce Barry were a thing of the past. Instead, she chose to stay with her and Barry’s different rental properties when they became available so she wouldn’t have to stay in the same house with him. Being away from Barry also meant being away from her children, which they clearly noticed and took to heart.


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The news of the divorce was difficult for the Plathville handling children. It’s unclear what their family life will look like in the future as Kim and Barry are still smoothing over the details about who will live where. Kim is now back in the picture, but her absence has weighed heavily on the Plath children still living at home, most notably Lydia Plath and Amber Plath. In an emotional confessional, when discussing how Amber felt about her parents’ divorce, she said: “I remember my mother said they would never divorce and it would be forever and now she said she will always be there for us. I don’t know if it’s like… I don’t know if I can trust her completely.”


Kim says she is aware of the pain she has caused and the implications of missing out on being there for them during this difficult transition. After months of feeling hurt and alone, Lydia confronted Kim in the Welcome to Plathville season 4 finale. She had a heart to heart and explained how she felt further and further away from her mother. The two used to be very close, but things haven’t been the same since Barry’s troubles started. Lydia spoke about missing her mother and how much she is still needed at home. Through tears, Lydia was honest with Kim and told her: “I feel that for the younger sisters, for Amber, Cassia and Mercy, they still need a mother, not only in their lives, but mentally and emotionally for them and just there for them and I need to know that when the time has come. time for me to move, that they’ll be okay and they’ll have someone to cling to.”

Lydia went on to say that she feels love through actions and quality time, which is something she hasn’t gotten from Kim lately. When Kim was hit with that reality, she did say that she wanted to put in more effort to spend time together and that she has a lot on her plate trying to get through the divorce. Even though Kim may be ready to start life over Welcome to Plathville, she still has to put her children first. Her desire to get away has had a deep and lasting impact on them. Obviously they are starting to see her in a different light and question her intentions.

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