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With two theatrical films made about them in the past ten years, suicide squad has become one of the most memorable teams in comic book history. At their core, they are a team of B-to-D-list super-villains and anti-heroes enlisted by the US government on black-ops missions in exchange for commuted sentences.

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As such, the premise is ripe with potential for much-loved (and not-so-loved) characters from the DC universe to be recruited. Some are famous criminals with unique skills, and others are just people with gimmicks that make good cannon fodder. Task Force X is the team to use if there’s a way to experiment with some of the more obscure and bizarre DC characters.


Doctor Light

This brilliant physicist turned supervillain is known as one of the first major enemies of the Justice League and the Teen Titans. Using the surrounding light, he can make himself invisible, fly and trap his enemies in the shadows.

He has used his powers to deprive superheroes such as Wonder Girl and Superboy of their abilities. However, the limits of his abilities are still unknown, making him somewhat campy but still quite dangerous. This would make him a valuable asset to Task Force X, although given his frequent defeats, he’s unlikely to last the entire mission.

Killer Frost

Someone lied when someone said that Mr. Freeze was the most powerful ice-themed villain. Killer Frost is an enemy who has become a famous enemy of Green Arrow, the Flash and Firestorm. She has a somewhat frosty relationship with the latter, and anything he can do with fire, Killer Frost can do with ice.

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She draws her strength from the heat around her and turns it into ice. Weapons like flamethrowers, lasers, and the heat of Superman’s laser vision can’t melt her; it only makes her stronger, leaving her true potential unknown.

Gorilla Grod

A popular Flash villain with lots of pent up tantrums. He started out as a simple animal who was given intelligence and the ability to speak after an alien ship crashed on Earth with a pilot inside.

After giving this tribe of gorillas the same powers, the alien became the ruler of a tribe and community known as Gorilla City until Grodd killed him, planning to take over the world once he became ruler. With his scientific genius, the ability to control the mind to obey everything it commands, and absorb intelligence after eating people’s brains, he is a dangerous, vicious and powerful animal.

Solomon Grundy

This supporting Batman villain is the zombie of a murdered merchant named Cyrus Gold, who wears the clothes of two criminals he killed in his CPR. When asked who he was, the only fact of his life when he was alive was that he could remember being born on a Monday. Pleased with the comparison between the classic nursery rhyme, he adopted that name as his new nickname.

He is a robust and mindless creature that, even if killed, never remains dead for long. This character has the potential for horror and comedy, and his near invulnerability makes him an essential asset.


Both cinematic Suicide Squads have featured top killers in their ranks such as Deadshot, Bloodsport, and Peacemaker. On the off chance that they don’t come back, there may be no one better to fill their void than KGBeast. A secret division of the KGB called The Hammer has trained this Batman villain to become a top-level assassin, martial artist and master of cybernetic enhancement.

On his first appearance, he had already killed more than 200 people, showing him both formidable and ruthless. After the Cold War ended, he threatened to blow up Gotham and become a Black Lantern, making him one of The Dark Knight’s underrated but surprisingly accomplished villains.

Clock King

Largely an enemy of Green Arrow, this character has had many identities over the years. In his origins, he turned to crime to support his ailing sister, later becoming a member of the Injustice League and eventually the leader of his team of super villains. In another identity, he was the leader of a group that fought the Teen Titans and brainwashed young meta-humans in his army.

In another, he is a Seattle crime boss who uses a clock shop as a cover for his illegal activities. Whatever the identity, costume or general person he has, the Clock King is a deadly brilliant figure and a relatively good fighter, able to defeat Robin and Booster Gold.

rainbow creature

One of the strangest yet most creative foes in DC is arguably the bizarre behemoth known simply as Rainbow Creature. As its title implies, this creature made of rainbows came from a South American volcano. Despite its bizarre appearance, the monster has proved remarkably effective against The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel.

It uses its colors for different abilities i.e. red to throw fire, yellow to vaporize and green to make others flat/two dimensional. When this power runs out (one can see when it spins), he must extract the color from everything around him.

Calendar Man

Already making a cameo appearance in The Suicide Squad, in which he relentlessly poked fun at Polka-Dot Man, would be drafted for the next team to prove an effective use of karma. Thematizing his crimes around the days of the year, he gradually evolved from another campy, silver age Batman goon into one of his most psychotically deranged villains, more akin to Hannibal Lecter than Egghead.

Occasionally, he aids Batman and the police by providing criminal insight while mocking them with cryptic clues and questions. So of course this would make him a valuable recruit for Amanda Waller to use if the opportunity arises.

kite man

When people think of villains, Kite Man is usually the character they think of. Initially, a campy Silver Age villain who had all his crimes and weapons around fliers, he was used a lot more during DC Rebirth. It is revealed that he was once an unlucky criminal who was dragged into a conflict between the Joker and Riddler that resulted in the death of his son.

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Despite his tragic origins, Kite-Man seems somewhat happier in this new persona, even with his own catchphrase (“Kite-Man, hell yeah!”). After Polka-Dot Man took on a more tragic characterization, a similar one for Kite-Man could be the way to go.

Mr Banjo

If DC is looking for a silly villain to use, this guy is the one. appear in Shazam comics in the 40s, this Fat Arbuckle-like figure will use his morse code banjo to steal government secrets and send them to international threats. He was one of the first enemies of the big red cheese, joining the Monster Society of Evil not long after his first appearance.

He made a surprising return in the Robot ChickenDC Comics Special, featuring comedic banter of his general appearance and musical accompaniment for the final battle. If he can return here, a surprise (if possible short) return in a Suicide Squad would be interesting to see.

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