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Steno Ricardo and Mawar AFI [Instagram]

Mawar AFI shared a moment when she took care of her sick child.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Mawar AFI once again turned on her ex-husband Steno Ricardo in his latest Instagram Story upload. The fallout from the talent search highlighted Steno Ricardo’s attitude when their child was sick.

According to the report, Mawar and Steno Ricardo’s children are sick. Mawar also appears to be patient in taking care of her child who is seen wearing a breathing apparatus.

Mawar AFI was next to the princess to help install the breathing apparatus in the video uploaded on Thursday (4/8/2022).

Mawar AFI reported that one of her daughters was ill. He also named his ex-husband, Steno Ricardo, whom he considered incapable of caring for children. [Instagram]

On the upload, Mawar AFI even teased Steno Ricardo about responsibility towards children.

If so, who knows” Mawar wrote AFI.

Mawar AFI also questioned Steno Ricardo’s reason for demanding child custody after the divorce. Because according to Mawar, Steno himself could never take care of their baby.

It has always been me with sick children.” he said.

Steno Ricardo and Mawar AFI [Instagram]

All lawsuits for custody, continue to appeal. The accusation is again very mean, a mother abandoning a child. My old IG friends will know what my daily life is like. They know who takes care of the children more,Mawar told AFI.

In the next upload, Mawar asked AFI Steno Ricardo to be more responsible for taking care of the child before asking for custody.

Get over your ‘drunk’, meet your obligations. It’s just a cool guyMawar told AFI.

As is known, Steno Ricardo is still demanding child custody after divorcing Mawar AFI. He did not accept it after the Depok Religious Court was awarded custody of Mawar’s child after the mediation process.

Steno Ricardo through his lawyer, Desi Rutvikasari, even asked for the handover of child custody to Mawar AFI to be annulled. (Adiyoga Priyambodo)


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