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Spoilers for One Punch Man chapter 166 (ENG)/168 (JPN) forward.

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With the release of One Punch ManThe 169th chapter in Japanese, the long Monster Association arc has finally come to an end in the manga after five years.

The Monster Association arc started in chapter 78 of One Punch Man, which debuted in July 2017, almost exactly five years ago. It started with the group that first tried to recruit Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and Garou who were first mentioned. The arc grew bigger and bigger as the Hero Association was invaded and its patron’s son was kidnapped, with nearly every S-class hero and many others of lower rank coming in to perform a massive operation to rescue him. The arc deviated quite a bit from the series’ previous formula by closely following hero fighter Garou, to the point where Garou had more “screen time” than Saitama towards the end.


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Now the manga news account has Manga Mogura tweeted That One Punch Man’s the next chapter will officially conclude the seven-year arc. The end of the arc was clearly imminent from earlier chapters, when Garou and Saitama finally had their long-awaited battle, reaching truly absurd levels of power leading to the destruction of Jupiter and thrusts that travel through time. Many characters have had the chance to shine throughout the arc, from Garou to Bang to Fubuki, and even smaller characters like Blackluster and Zombieman. The arc also featured some incredible and truly brutal battles, such as the one involving the monster Führer Ugly, who melted faces and shattered bones, Tornado and Psykos’ world-shattering psychic battles, or Saitama’s legendary punch against Evil Ocean Water, a monster that haunts the entire seas around the Monster Association headquarters. It also revealed a lot about the general myth of the series, which involved the evil God, the top hero Blast and eventually Garou and Saitama themselves.

As One Punch Man is based on ONE’s original webcomic, many fans had certain moments they looked forward to in manga artist Yusuke Murata’s beautifully detailed style, which features Evil Ocean Water and Garou vs. Saitama are often mentioned. After a fake ending in May, time was rewritten and a new ending to that Garou/Saitama chapter was released, leading to the epic interplanetary battle that surpassed even the wildest expectations. This was just one of many departures from the original webcomic’s story, which initially sparked some controversy. Despite these changes, the manga has ended in a place very similar to the webcomic, suggesting it will adapt the next arc, known as the “Psychic Sisters” arc. As the name implies, this arc focuses on Fubuki and Tatsumaki, delving into their backstory, and is much shorter.

With the One Punch Man manga has finally finished adapting the Monster Association arc, fans will no doubt begin to speculate about the anime’s return soon, as popular belief says the anime was put on hiatus until this storyline was completed. Despite the lingering years in reality, the events of One Punch Man’s Monster Association takes place in just a few days, with the attack on Association headquarters lasting just one night. Regardless if it is, the manga is definitely in for some big changes as it won’t be able to focus on Garou as much. Fans needn’t worry though, there’s a lot more out there One Punch Man to keep the manga running for years.

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Source: Manga Mogura

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