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Congenica, a UK-based digital health company enabling the rapid analysis and interpretation of genomic data, has selected the GenomOncology Precision Oncology Platform to develop a new breakthrough CE-IVD Precision Oncology Solution.

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Alistair Johnson is Chief Professional Services Officer at Congenica (Photo: Business Wire)

Driven by the increasing adoption of cancer genomics and the growing need to individualize therapeutic recommendations, Congenica is developing a fully automated data analysis application aimed at transforming the usability and scalability of genomic data for routine clinical oncology practice.

To further enrich the decision support capabilities for this new precision oncology solution, Congenica is partnering with GenomOncology to provide regional therapy recommendations.

GenomOncology’s Precision Oncology Platform is designed to unify the latest precision oncology information, including a comprehensive set of annotations and ontologies, as well as curated public, licensed, and proprietary content and data sets. By incorporating this comprehensive knowledge base, Congenica gains enhanced access to curated, accurate oncology information from the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and others, to deliver data-driven insights and recommendations within their CDS.

Alistair Johnson, Chief Professional Services Officer at Congenica, said: “This partnership extends Congenica’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Platform to oncology. Our new product provides a fully automated, future-proof end-to-end solution that unlocks the full potential of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the clinical oncology space. GenomOncology brings extensive experience in precision oncology care and the platform is purpose-built to deliver clinical informatics solutions for cancer. We look forward to working with GenomOncology to further advance precision medicine, deliver high-quality patient care and shape the future of human health.”

“Our partnership with Congenica allows us to expand the possibilities for precision oncology care on a global level. The comprehensive information available within the GenomOncology Precision Oncology Platform, combined with the capabilities of the Congenics Clinical Decision Support Platform, will provide clinicians and researchers with the knowledge needed to provide their patients with the most appropriate care options,” said Brad Wertz, Chief Executive Officer at GenomOncology.

About Congenica
Congenica is a digital health company that enables the rapid analysis and interpretation of genomic data, enabling researchers and clinicians to provide life-changing answers that improve well-being and disease management. Congenica’s industry-leading software enables rapid, large-scale genomic data analysis and is the only product of its kind to receive CE marking under the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive.

Congenica, a recognized leader in genomic analysis of rare diseases and hereditary cancer, is expanding its platform into new indications such as somatic cancer, next-generation non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and wellness, contributing to a future where clinical genomics is fully is integrated into healthcare.

Based on groundbreaking research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the UK’s NHS, Congenica has a global footprint supporting leading international labs, academic medical centers and biopharmaceutical companies and is the exclusive Clinical Decision Support partner for the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

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