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Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FX show What We Do in the Shadows.

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FX’s Ongoing Fourth Season What we do in the shade has given fans more hilarious misadventures from the vampires (and famous ones) they all know and love. However, the most recent events fell short of the gang’s most iconic moments from the past three seasons.

From the Guide’s dramatic entrance to Guillermo’s murderous frenzy, the legendary scenes for each character depict their most unforgettable moments on the show. These often reflect their personalities or capture an important event that their arc or event influences the overarching story of the series.


Baron Afanas: Trying Human Food

When the gang realize the Baron isn’t as intimidating as he seems, they embrace the wild night out they’re having. The old vampire confesses that something he’s always wanted to try is eating a slice of pizza, a suggestion that met with disapproval.

Vampires can’t eat human food because it makes them terribly sick. The Baron, however, is too drunk and too high to give any of it and takes a bite. It only takes a few seconds before he vomits violently and is thrown into the air and lands on the wall of a warehouse. He flies around from the sheer force of his vomit, which is unfortunately the scene that has become associated with the character.

Jenna: discovering her special power

Jenna vampire what we do shadows fx

To say Jenna’s transition to a vampire is rough would be an understatement. Even with Nadja’s full support, the inexperienced vampire has a hard time finding her special power. Things only get more frustrating when Nadja shows off her seduction skills at a party where everyone ignores Jenna.

When she’s had enough, Jenna lets out a loud scream before disappearing into thin air. The iconic scene confirms the vampire’s place among the night’s strongest creatures, as invisibility is a rare ability that only a select few people have.

Sean Rinaldi: Getting the Brainteaser

Sean wears a blue cap and fastens something in What We Do In The Shadows.

Laszlo’s unwitting neighbor Sean is a lovable side character who makes an unfortunate mistake when he jokes about vampires at their Superbowl party. This prompts Laszlo and Nandor to simultaneously hypnotize him and inadvertently give him the “brain cramblies.”

The whole scene makes Sean memorable, especially when he sees Laszlo and Nandor floating in the air, which shocks him and makes him ask how they do it. The moment proves that their neighbor really had no idea they were vampires and that they have needlessly fried his brain over their misguided suspicions.

Nadja’s doll: run away like a giant rat

Nadja’s ghost has slowly but surely become part of the gang, but there is one major breakdown in her relationship with them. After Nandor and Nadja share the responsibility of being the head of the Vampiric Council, Nadja neglects her doll, causing her to run away.

The chase scene has become iconic due to the hilarious way Nadja’s ghost jumps from one item to another. She owns a statue, a mannequin and most unforgettable of all, a giant inflatable rat. She quickly loses steam as she clambers down a narrow alley, which is soon followed by a dramatic conversation.

The guide: her grand entrance

The guide floats by the door in What We Do in the Shadows.

With a swarm of ravens and a flurry of smoke, the Guide makes an impressive entrance after being sent to summon the vampires to their trial. However, the intimidating scene becomes humorous after she starts talking, as her high-pitched and irritated voice asks to know why the suspects did not respond to the 500 ravens they sent.

The iconic scene makes it look like the Guide would be a villain before comically revealing that she’s really just a pissed-off worker. Since then, she has taken on a bigger role, with her last feat involving Nadja’s nightclub.

Colin Robinson: Getting Overpowered

Colin Robinson What we do in the shadows

Compared to the other vampires, Colin Robinson always seemed a little harmless. As an energy vampire, he feeds on boring others with his fun facts and witty conversations. This assumption is proven wrong when he is promoted in the office and shows the true extent of his power.

The whole sequence where Colin suddenly grows a full head of hair and shows how he can suck people dry with just one sentence or even a single gesture is entertaining from start to finish. It’s amazing to see his potential, which he happily unleashes once he forgives his ungrateful roommates.

Nadja of Antipaxos: Spitting for an Enemy

Nadja What we do in the shade

After Laszlo and Nandor are kidnapped by a talking goat, Nadja immediately knows that there are witches behind the kidnapping. Her explanation of her long and messy history with the witch Lilith results in her iconic line, “Five digs for an enemy.”

Something serious came between the vampire and the witch, who were once good friends. The way Nadja starts to insult Lilith during the interview perfectly reflects her personality as she can get angry easily and get carried away by her emotions if she feels that she has been wronged.

Laszlo Cravensworth: ‘Bat!’ calling

Laszlo stands for fireplace smoking pipe What We Do in the Shadows

It’s hard to imagine what his character would look like without Laszlo’s iconic transformation in WWDITS. While most vampires seem to be able to turn into bats at any time, it’s only Laszlo who has to enthusiastically yell “bat” before doing so.

The first time he does this is iconic and actually improvised (according to polygon). The actor just felt like he had to say something to get out of the scene, so he just came up with the most logical word that would fit the moment. It has been inseparable from his character ever since.

Nandor The Relentless: Buy Creepy Paper

Nandor and Guillermo shop at a store in What We Do In The Shadows.

During the stressful preparation for the Baron’s arrival on Staten Island, Nandor and Guillermo go shopping for a few essentials. Aside from buying glitter so Nandor could look like the vampires of Twighlight, he insists on buying the “macabre” “creepy paper”.

Whatever Guillermo says, Nandor is convinced that the crepe paper is the ideal backdrop for the entrance of the Baron. It’s an iconic scene that underscores not only the character’s naivety towards human objects, but also his relationship with his acquaintance, Guillermo, who just looks at the camera to show how tired he is of those antics.

Guillermo De La Cruz: Killing an Entire Audience

Guillermo at the theater in What We Do in the Shadows.

Despite feeling unappreciated and hurt by the way the vampires neglect his needs, Guillermo goes to rescue the housemates after they are tricked into going to the Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires. Just before they are executed on stage, Guillermo appears and begins slaughtering every supernatural creature in sight.

This is the largest exhibition of his Van Helsing heritage, which Guillermo had kept secret until then. He cemented himself as the most powerful character in the series through that carnage, which ultimately saved the gang and got him into more trouble.

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