Back in the Entertainment World, Take a Peek at Shandy Aulia’s Career

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Having had a long hiatus in his career because he chose to focus on taking care of his family, Shandy is now back in the entertainment world. Most recently, he was trusted to appear as the main player in the soap opera entitled Cinta 2 Choices which aired on SCTV.

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This mother of one child has her own reasons for accepting the offer to appear in this soap opera. Shandy assesses the story offered is quite in accordance with his wishes as a player.

“In principle, I like when I have a career, my work can be enjoyed but not limited to a certain scoop, it can be anyone,” said Shandy Aulia as quoted from

“For me, I see it in terms of audience opportunities. Currently, soap operas return to the phase of stories that I have experienced before, which previously were more different, which made me less interested,” he continued.

Behind the return of Shandy Aulia to the world of entertainment, the actor Sukma in the soap opera Cinta 2 This choice has a career that is quite interesting to discuss. Here’s more.


The owner’s full name Nyimas Shandy Aulia is one of the Indonesian artists who began to decorate the small screen since the 2000s. He is the son of the couple Kemas Yusuf Effendy and Elsye Dopong.

Early Career in the World of Role

Shandy Aulia made her acting debut when she played in the film Eiffel I’m in Love in 2003. She successfully played the character Tita and made her name more known to the public. Since then he has received many offers to star in various soap operas and films.

Have a twist of romance

Shandy Aulia married David Herbowo on December 12, 2011. Their domestic life looks so harmonious and far from unpleasant issues. Now, their household is more complete with the presence of their baby Claire Herbowo who was born on February 12, 2020.


The status as a mother makes Shandy Aulia feel happy and at the same time emotional. He also decided to take a break from the entertainment world and focus on taking care of his family.

Even though he is no longer on the screen, Shandy Aulia is still actively sharing his daily activities on his personal social media.

Back to the World of Entertainment

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