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OOTD Refal Hadi, simple but cool.  (Photo: celebrities.id/Instagram @refalhady)

JAKARTA, NBCNEWS.LIVE – OOTD Refal Hady always looks simple but always catches the attention of fans. Not a few of them were amazed by the appearance of this handsome actor.

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The actor, who has starred in more than 10 films, is increasingly recognized for his role as Mas Bian in the Wedding Agreement series. For his good looks and expertise in acting, this actor of mixed Indonesian-Arab blood naturally has more and more fans, especially women.

NBCNEWS.LIVE summarized Refal Hady’s OOTD line on Thursday (4/8/2022) based on his personal Instagram account @refalhady.

OOTD ala Refal Hady

1. Holiday outfits

OOTD Refal Hady, simple but cool. (Photo: NBCNEWS.LIVE/Instagram @refalhady)

While on vacation at the beach, he chose to wear a baby blue shirt with white pants to match the beach scene. He also added some accessories in the form of chain bracelets, and bracelets embossed with the famous LV brand. While on his finger visible ring with a chain motif.

2. Motorcycle gear

OOTD Refal Hady, simple but cool. (Photo: NBCNEWS.LIVE/Instagram @refalhady)

Enjoying the streets on his Vespa motorcycle, he wore shorts with a plain white shirt and black vest. For her shoes, she wore a Vans slip-on with a chalkboard pattern, and paired it with sunglasses, several rings and a smartwatch to complete her look.

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