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Now that season 4 of Weird stuff is over, fans are already eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the hit horror series. In the final episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things Unlocked, the official aftershow for the series, Felicia Day interviews the showrunners, cast, and crew, who will host Season 4, Vol. 2 and hints at what’s to come in the fifth and final season.

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Season 4 was filled with shocking moments, although probably the most shocking was the cliffhanger ending that sets the show ready for a rambunctious final season. The creative team had a lot of interesting perspectives on the final season and there were a lot of juicy hints for what’s to come. It’s unclear when Season 5 will begin filming, but the Duffer Brothers have proven it will be well worth the wait.


3 The shutdown has helped production

The Duffer Brothers discussed at length how the delayed shooting schedule helped the story-writing process. They claim that in previous seasons they started filming after only writing a few episodes, writing when the season was being filmed. But Covid allowed them to complete all the scripts before shooting started.

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This process allowed them to watch the entire season at once and correct any inconsistencies and character gaps. The best example was how they rewrote Eddie as a musician so he could have that epic guitar solo. Fans will be curious to see if they’ll be using a similar writing process for Season 5.

Dustin Henderson smiling on the couch

Season 4 wasn’t kind to many of the characters, but Weird stuff fan-favorite Dustin witnessed Eddie’s death in Episode 8, holding his friend and mentor in his arms as he died. Actor Gaten Matarazzo comments on this, saying he’s nervous for his character in Season 5.

He insinuated that the assertive yet innocent Dustin, who often provides much of the show’s comedic relief, will be too traumatized to act credibly like his old self. The Duffer Brothers later confirm this when they say that next season will explore a different side of Dustin. Hopefully Dustin will gradually regain its former vibrancy.

2 Season 5 will be over soon

Eleven and Friends in Stranger Things Season 4

The Duffer Brothers call season 4 their Empire strikes back season, a reference to Episode V from Star Wars, which famously ends with the heroes losing. The characters take a beating in Season 4 and while every other season of Weird stuff has built up his plot slowly, this is not necessary for 4.

The showrunners confirmed that 5 is going on, without any exposition or build-up. They added that this means 5 will most likely be shorter than 4, although they admitted they have plenty of unresolved storylines to tackle, such as the relationship between Jonathan and Nancy and the fate of Max, who is one of the best character arcs of all time. season 4.

1 A return to the origins of Season 1

Stranger Things Title Card

The Duffer Brothers said they’d love to see Season 5 reunite the original groups like the Boys and Eleven, Joyce and Hopper, Jonathan and Nancy, etc. With Will in California for spring break, Joyce and Murray try to save Hopper in Russia, El in the Desert with Brenner, and the rest together in Hawkins, the group dynamic was very different in Season 4.

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The Duffer Brothers’ comments are serious Endgame vibes, like Infinite War ended with the original avengers reunited. Their comments about no new characters in 5 probably weren’t just for fun – it’s time to focus on all the loose ends and give the main cast the conclusions they deserve.

Strange Things Monster Vecna

Season 4 gave fans one of the best television villains of 2022 with Jamie Campbell Bower’s Vecna/One/Henry. Although Vecna’s past life as a human was heavily explored, there is still a big hole in his timeline after he was forced into the Upside Down by Eleven.

The Duffer Brothers promised that Season 5 will fill the gap and give the audience much-needed answers about Vecna, how he managed to manipulate the particles, and what he was doing in Upside Down all those years. There are also many lingering questions about the purpose of the Mind Flayer and the power structure between Vecna ​​and the Demogorgons.

When asked why the characters always throw themselves into danger, actress Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley) had an enlightening answer. She claims that the showrunners made a clear stylistic choice that gives the characters a “resilience”; their courage gives them new energy, enabling them to compete against anything and find humor in dark situations.

Actor Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson) adds to her comments, pointing out that it’s hard for directors to strike such a unique tone that balances danger and darkness with humor and frivolity. The creative team behind the series achieves this beautifully and adds even more to the reasons why Weird stuff is so successful.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 Eddie Death Dustin Holding Him

Weird stuff gains a reputation for its inability to kill the main cast, opting instead to kill newer characters such as Sean Astin’s Bob Newby from Season 2 and Dacre Montgomery’s Billy Hargrove from Seasons 2 and 3. This trend is predictable and a got a bit manipulative, especially when they “killed” Hopper.

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Still, it’s easy to see the showrunners’ predicament; their characters love each other so much that if one of them dies, the story should automatically slow down and deal with their grief. So unfortunately the odds were never good for Eddie. At least he went out with a bang, subverting stereotypes along the way.

Stranger Things - Eleven and Dr.  Brenner

While Matthew Modine noted his surprise at how cruel his character was, Millie Bobby Brown was more surprised by what she saw as Eleven’s coldness, especially when she met Dr. Brenner didn’t forgive as he lay dying on the desert floor, begging her to say she understood why he did what he did.

Her opinion caused many on YouTube to comment that Dr. Brenner is a child molester who didn’t deserve Elf’s forgiveness. But the actor’s job is to find compassion where others may not, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Brown had kinder feelings towards the man who raised Eleven.

Robert Englund Stranger Things Season 4 Featured as Victor Creel

When asked if they wanted to contact Robert Englund to appear in Season 4, the Duffer Brothers said no because they didn’t think he would ever say yes and were surprised by his audition tape. With all references to A nightmare on Elm Street in season 4 and Englund’s legendary horror status, it was an easy casting choice.

And it turned out to be one of the smartest. The scene of Nancy and Robin visiting Victor Creel echoes a similar scene in The Silence of the Lambs. Englund’s performance as Henry’s victim father is heartbreaking, making this one of the best scenes of Weird stuff Season 4.

Gate to the Upside Down in Stranger Things Season 4.

In addition to delving into Vecna’s origins, the team promises to fully explain what the Upside Down actually is. Producer Shawn Levy notes that the original name for Upside Down in the early scripts was “The Nether,” although this was changed when the guys came up with their title.

The Duffer Brothers hint that the biggest clue in Season 4 about the true nature of the Upside Down is the realization that the shadow world is frozen in the past — the time when Will was first photographed in Season 1. Whether time travel or something completely different, it’s pretty much a guarantee at this point that Weird stuff will give fans a shocking and fascinating backstory.

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