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More and more marriages today are ending in separations and divorce. However, a large part of the problem remains that a lot of young women find themselves in a patriarchal household upon being married. Had their mates been brought up as feminists where they inherently respected women and their choices, then perhaps the percentage of divorces may have been a little lesser. Nevertheless, there are some women who have been doing it all right. Right from Cancer to Gemini, the women of these zodiac signs teach their sons to be feminists.

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Being married to a husband who has a Cancer mom can be like a dream because the moment you voice your need for support, your mate will meet you halfway and deliver. Rather than being a roadblock in the house and pushing off all the work to their daughters-in-law, the Cancer mom will take a step back and ensure that her feminist son will shoulder half the burden of housework.


A Libra’s sons will have a strong connection to their mothers, for they have been brought up well by them and will always want to do right by them. As a peace-loving sign, Libra hates confrontation, so they do all they can to raise their sons to do the same. Most of the time this air sign’s offspring are non-violent partners who use healthy channels to dispel their anger or frustration. Libra also teaches their kids to respect their partner’s choices and way of life.


A Gemini is an air sign who has a strong moral compass. In a marriage, they are sure to ensure that theirs will be an equal partnership not only emotionally and financially; but when it comes to household chores as well. They tend to engrain these principles in their sons as well, which is a great way to erode patriarchy right at the moment when it tends to take root. They are benevolent mothers to both their children as well as their sons or daughters-in-law.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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