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The drama between Olivia Plath and her mother-in-law, Kim Plath, has lasted throughout the seasons of Welcome to Plathville and it might be caused by Kim’s alleged credit card fraud. While Ethan Plath, Moriah Plath, and Micah Plath are on a journey to forgiveness with Kim, it isn’t that simple for the young reality star. Olivia has often danced around the truth behind their feud, but now she is finally speaking out about Kim’s checkered past.

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In Welcome to Plathville season 4, Olivia has felt growing pressure to reconnect with Kim. Micah and Moriah, in particular, have been pushing her to forgive and forget as they are growing tired of her victim mentality. Olivia has been clear about her boundaries, stating she isn’t going to compromise her mental health for someone else’s timeline. Unfortunately, the growing tension has left her feeling like her back is up against a wall. Now Olivia is sharing that there is more to their ongoing feud.


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In an emotional confessional during the Welcome to Plathville season 4 finale, Olivia shared the details behind her strained relationship with the matriarch of the Plath family. At one time, the two shared a close bond, and Olivia said she viewed Kim as the mother figure she never had. Long before Kim thought Olivia was filled with evil spirits, Olivia loved and trusted her. Their relationship soured when she discovered Kim was stealing from Ethan and putting him in debt. Olivia said of the situation, “I will never forget marrying a 20-year-old man whose mom was using his credit card and buying things for herself and not paying him back.”

When Olivia confronted Ethan about what was going on, he explained he didn’t know his account password and couldn’t stop her. That is when Olivia took matters into her own hands and changed Ethan’s password for him so they could finally put an end to Kim’s shopping sprees. Olivia refused to give Kim the new password, which resulted in Kim blowing up at her and slamming the door in her face. Most likely, this is the big piece of the puzzle that Micah and Moriah weren’t aware of. They have been adamant that Kim is a changed person in this season of Welcome to Plathville. Now that Olivia is bringing this truth to light, it may finally open their eyes to her skeptical and jaded attitude.

Olivia’s relationship with her mother-in-law was forever changed after Kim unabashedly took advantage of her son financially. The mother of nine is notorious for her manipulative and narcissistic behavior Welcome to Plathville. Kim had no shame in selfishly spending money only to leave Ethan footing the bill. This is just another moment that shows her true colors. Kim has admitted to not always making the best decisions when it comes to her children, and now she can add credit card fraud to her laundry list of mistakes.

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