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The Predator franchise left a major staple of muscle-bound people as protagonists after the original Predator, and the series is better for it. The debut of the new Predator movie Prey continues with the Predator series by taking the franchise back in time to the 18e century. While a first for the Predator movies, the series has undergone other reinventions before.

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Predator 2 moved the franchise’s setting from the jungle to Los Angeles, while Predators took the hunt for another planet. Prey adds even more new elements in this regard, including with his Comanche protagonist Naru (Amber Midthunder). However, all Predator movies since the first outing in 1987 had one thing in common: none had a protagonist with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body in his prime.


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When Predator debuted in 1987, Schwarzenegger was in his heyday as an action hero. He wasn’t the film’s only fortified protagonist either, he led a group of commandos that included Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura. While this gimmick of people with bodybuilder physiques worked against the Predator for the original, Predator franchise, which mixed fear and action with sci-fi, wisely acknowledged that it was best used as a one-off asset.

Predator vs. Arnie worked for one movie, but the franchise had to change

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Predator took Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilder image and created a scenario where the situation was directed against him. Featuring the much bigger and stronger Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) as the villain of the movie, Schwarzenegger’s Dutch was made to look like the underdog against a fearsome opponent. Although it is an effective tool to relieve tension in Predatorhis successors wisely acknowledged that it could not be repeated with the same effect either.

all following Predator movies have featured human characters with relatively lighter frames competing against the Predators. That doesn’t mean that later Predator movie characters didn’t have muscles of their own, with Adrien Brody putting himself in excellent shape for Predators. At the same time, the Predator franchise is fully aware that it couldn’t emulate a Predator building a character like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s imposing soldier Dutch, and wisely hasn’t even attempted to do so.

The hatching of Prey has been greeted with extremely positive responses, and while the interim Predator movies and Alien vs Predator crossovers tend to be more mixed in their reception, all made the smart decision to avoid having a Schwarzenegger-style hero face off against the Predator. The Predator franchise thrived with an assortment of characters succeeding Arnold, and Prey is the latest indicator that it’s one of the smartest moves the Predator series ever made.

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  • Prey/Predator 5 (2022)Release Date: 05 Aug 2022

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