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Bonge at the Raffi Ahmad and Irfan Hakim event.  (Instagram/@fyp_trans7)

Raffi Ahmad was enthusiastic when he heard that Bonge’s birthday was coming up.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Raffi Ahmad met Bonge, one of the icons of the Citayam Fashion Week that went viral recently. Incidentally, Bonge was the guest star of the event that Raffi Ahmad hosted with Irfan Hakim, namely “For Your Morning (FYP)”.

On that occasion, Raffi Ahmad asked about Bonge’s birthday which turned out to be on August 21. Raffi was enthusiastic about giving Bonge a birthday present.

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“When is your birthday?” asked Raffi Ahmad at the launch of the video “FYP”, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

“August 21,” replied Bonge.

“Well, it’s going to be a while. Then I will give you a present,” Raffi Ahmad promised as he shook Bonge’s hand.

Bonge’s birthday which is not far from Rafathar’s birthday makes Raffi Ahmad even more enthusiastic. The Sundanese-blood presenter invited Bonge to come to the house for his birthday.

Bonge at the Raffi Ahmad and Irfan Hakim event. (Instagram/@fyp_trans7)

As a figure nicknamed “Sultan Andara”, Raffi Ahmad also invited Bonge to determine a birthday present. However, ABG Citayam was reluctant to name the gift he wanted.

“This means Rafathar (his birthday) is August 15, you are August 21. Then if it’s your birthday, you come to my house. Then I’ll give you a present. Are you really going to my house?” asked Raffi Ahmad.

“Eh, it depends on what the gift was,” teased Irfan Hakim.

“Yes, what present do you want from me? What gift do you want? By the way, what present do you want from me,” says Raffi.

“What, you don’t know,” said Bonge, covering his face in shame.

Bonge ABG Citayam.  (Instagram/@bonge_real)
Bonge ABG Citayam. (Instagram/@bonge_real)

After seeing Bonge’s attitude, Irfan Hakim and Raffi Ahmad also gave praise. They saw Bonge as an innocent figure and reluctant to deliberately take advantage of people’s kindness.

“If Bonge is really innocent, that’s really good. It is more unpleasant,” said Irfan Hakim.

“He’s good, he’s a good person. He does not take advantage,” said Raffi Ahmad.

The moment of Raffi Ahmad and Bonge garnered a lot of comments when it was shared by the TikTok account @dramablessing_. Various praises were given by netizens after listening to Bonge’s conversation with Nagita Slavina’s husband.

Just ask Raffi for a month’s salarysaid netizens.If I were Bonge, I would ask Nagitaadded another.For me, just ask to be an employee at the Rans office.” said another.

The bonge vibes are so innocentsaid netizens.Just ask me to take you to Mecca, brother, if I am like this with my parents,” concluded another.


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