Revealed! Bonge asks for payment when Raffi Ahmad is allowed to post photos on Instagram

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The Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon is still a byword for today’s society. One of the names that managed to become the center of attention was Bonge.

This 16-year-old youth became known after a video with his girlfriend, Kurma, went viral on TikTok. Plus, Bonge always visits the Sudirman area by showing off his famous fashion outfits.

Thanks to his popularity, Bonge began to be called and entered the artist’s YouTube until he was called television. This time, he met Raffi Ahmad, where the sultan of Andara wanted to ask for a photo and permission to post it on Instagram.

“I want to take a photo with you, I can post it on my Instagram or not,” said Raffi Ahmad, quoted from a private television YouTube, Tuesday (2/8/2022).

Hearing this, Bonge also set a fee if you want to take pictures with him. Suddenly, Raffi Ahmad’s face was confused and he admitted that he would pay the joint venture with Irfan Hakim.

“Pay a jiggle,” said Bonge.

“Well, I’ll pay the joint venture, okay?” said Raffi Ahmad.

Until this news was revealed, the upload had been watched by more than 51,000 netizens.


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