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Wonder Woman will receive a much-needed buff in a future update for Multi Versus. Warner Bros.’ Super Smash-style brawler recently debuted to the public in open beta on July 26 and already boasts an impressive roster of characters from several famous properties like Batman, the Iron Giant, and even Lebron James. The latest confirmed playable characters for Multi Versus are Rick and Morty, who will join the fray sometime this August.

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Along with Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlWarner Bros. Multi Versus is another character-based brawler competing with Nintendo’s prestigious Super Smash Bros. series. Set to officially release on August 9, Multi Versus‘ open beta has already been well received by players thanks to its diverse roster and adequate adaptation of Super Smash Bros-style gameplay. While not yet as refined as its Nintendo-made predecessor, many factors such as cross-platform play and access to multiple franchises for its roster may give Multi Versus a few advantages over Super Smash Bros. in the long run. Of course, fans already have some ideas for future playables Multi Versus characters, like those from HBO’s Sopranos TV show.


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VGC reports that Player First Games will buff everyone’s favorite Amazon, Wonder Woman, in a future Multi Versus update. Game director Tony Huynh confirmed Wonder Woman will see an increase in abilities as part of an update scheduled for after EVO 2022, which is held from August 5-7. As Multi VersusSeason 1 release patch is due on August 9, this update may coincide with it. Confirmation of this news came via a question on Twitter from a concerned fan worried about Wonder Woman’s viability, to which Tony Huynh responded with,She got some buffs in the build after EVO.” Sadly, for fans of Bugs Bunny, the Wascally Wabbit will also be nerfed within the same update.

Wonder Woman Rill Receive a Buff in a Future MultiVersus Update

MultiVersus Wonder Woman character guide

Wit Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl‘s multiplayer rendered almost unplayable after less than a year, Multi Versus will have to work hard to avoid the same fate. Consistent support like the Wonder Woman rebalancing update is a good first step in showing commitment to the project. Player First Games has assured interested players that it plans to keep its brawling experience fresh with content updates long after its official release. With the loaded backlog of Warner Bros. properties at its disposal, this promise could be easy to fulfill.

Filling the shoes of a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won’t be an easy task. Although Nintendo’s character brawler is no longer receiving updates, its legacy will ensure it remains the must-play party game of its kind. With the official launch in sight and the promise of more content and patches to come – as hinted at by Multi Versus‘ leaked character roster – it will be interesting to see if Player First Games can help Multi Versus establish a legacy of its own.

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Sources: VGC, Tony Huynh/Twitter

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