Keysa turns out to be Nino’s biological child, Elsa regrets trusting Ricky

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The results of Keysa’s DNA test from Ricky which made Nino decide to divorce Elsa turned out to be fake.

The soap opera Ikatan Cinta is scheduled for 20.00 WIB on the RCTI television channel.

However, the broadcast of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta may experience changes in broadcast hours.

The following is a synopsis of the Bond of Love that we have compiled from various sources.

When Rendi, Yolanda and Sal asked about Keysa’s DNA test, the hospital said that they had never done the DNA test.

This was done by Rendy, because previously Andin asked him to find out the truth about Keysa’s DNA test.

This is because Andin is suspicious of Ricky, who was so willing to harm his own son in the case of Nino’s car sabotage that he did in the past.

Andin thought that if Keysa was Ricky’s biological child, then Ricky would not be able to harm Keysa until she died.

If the hospital does not do the DNA test, it means that Ricky only made the DNA test results for Keysa Palus.

From there, it is possible that Keysa is Nino’s biological child with Elsa.

In which case, the results of the DNA test were falsified by Ricky because he wanted to make Nino separate from Elsa.

That way, Ricky can have Elsa completely without being hindered by Nino and Keysa.

Meanwhile, if Elsa hears the news that Ricky falsified Keysa’s DNA test results, surely Elsa will be very angry and regret having trusted Ricky for granted.

For a more definite continuation of the story of Ikatan Cinta, stay tuned for the soap opera airing at 20.00 WIB today.

We need to remind you that the synopsis that has been presented above may differ from the original story from the continuation of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Therefore, readers are advised to respond wisely, so that there are no misunderstandings.


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