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From Saving Private Ryan to the newly released horror movie, the black phone, Jeremy Davies has many critically acclaimed roles. Whether he plays a cowardly soldier or a notorious cult leader, he puts on a top performance. While his performances always impress fans, the characters he plays are not always likable.

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Despite the fact that his characters are not always adored by fans, the films are always captivating and often praised by critics and audiences alike. According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are his best.


10 Solaris (2002)

Snow sits and looks intently into Solaris.

solaris is based on a science fiction novel centering on a psychologist investigating the behavior of scientists on a space station orbiting the planet, solaris, When he joins the scientists, he becomes a victim of strange behavior and becomes obsessed with someone he has long left behind.

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Jeremy Davies’ character, Snow, creates tension in the film. He opposes anything Kelvin mentions and suggests the opposite. When Kelvin wants to bring Rheya to Earth, Snow begins to give him reasons why he can’t. His character gives a unique twist to the film by being the absolute opposite. The drama between Snow and Kelvin and the romance between Kelvin and Rheya led to the box office success.

9 Go All the Way (1997)

Snow is in a living room in Going All The Way.

When old friends who were veterans and classmates reunite, they start talking about old times. They talk about how Gunner (Ben Affleck) spent the war abroad, while Sonny (Jeremy Davies) spent it in the United States. In addition to their war stories, they tell about the women in their lives. Gunner explains how he tries to convince his mother that his girlfriend is right for him. Sonny tells him he is torn between two women. As they reminisce, they begin to realize that they may be outgrowing their old lives.

Jeremy Davis’ character comes across as some kind of jerk. He often rebels against the wishes of others, including his parents and girlfriend. His role in this movie is important because he learns that life and people change as time goes by and it’s okay to make the changes, grow up and commit. In fact, it is this recognizability that makes the film a box-office success. Fans love that they can relate to the coming-of-age story.

8 Dogville (2003)

Bill Henson is writing something in Dogville.

A mysterious woman named Grace (Nicole Kidman) takes refuge in a small town while trying to hide from the criminals who are after her. Little does she know that the city she makes home is two-faced and uses it for their own selfish needs. Dogville is a very minimal film shot in a stage-like setting.

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Jeremy’s role in this film is a minor one. He plays Bill who is often referred to as “dumb” in the film. He is often abused by others. The film is deep and emotional. Fans have found a deeper meaning in humanity’s desire for malice and hypocrisy. The unique message, setting and range of emotions have made this film a critically acclaimed film.

7 In Search of Paradise (2002)

Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday in Lost

Gilda Mattei, played by Susan May Pratt, tries to cope with the grief of losing her father. To overcome her grief, she makes it a mission to meet her action favorite Micahel DeSantis, played by Chris North, with whom she quickly develops an unhealthy obsession.

In another film in which he has a small role, Jeremy plays a geology student who meets Gilda while in town. It seems that a love interest is starting to emerge, but it is soon turned off by her cynicism. The film is deep and filled with drama about bereavement through loss. The added suspense element of her obsession and stalking habits makes this film a blockbuster.

6 Secretary (2002)

Peter sheepishly walks into an office in secretary.

When Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is placed in the care of her parents for serious emotional problems from a mental institution, she finds work as a secretary for a lawyer. She soon begins a relationship with Peter (Jeremy Davies).

Jeremy’s character in this movie is a nice guy, but also boring. Lee doesn’t find him amusing or fun. With her overbearing parents and the lawyer’s rigid and demanding ways, Jeremy’s character lends a sense of normality to the film. The erotic but dramatic relationships made this film a huge success.

5 The Black Phone (2022)

black phone terence daddy

The black phone is a horror film that tells the story of The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) who kidnaps and kills children. Jeremy’s character, Terrence, is the drunken father of the son who has been kidnapped and the daughter who has visions in her dreams.

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His character’s dramatic personality changes towards his children, going from angry to loving, making his role deep and emotional. The film is full of tension and fear as he searches for his son. Meanwhile, his son fights to escape the clutches of his captor with the help of the ghosts of the previous victims. The fear of the reality of kidnappers and the tension of the horror made this film a critically acclaimed film.

4 Rescue Dawn (2006)

Gene looks intently into Rescue Dawn.

An American fighter pilot is shot down over Laos during the Vietnam War. He is captured by enemy soldiers and thrown into a camp where he is held captive along with other prisoners. While waiting for their chance to escape, the prisoners face torture, disease and starvation.

Jeremy plays Gene, a prisoner held in the camp. His character does not appeal to the audience as he plays a soldier who is selfish and unstable. He threatened to betray his fellow inmates and when it came to escape he didn’t know what to do. While his character was not well received by fans, the film was a critically acclaimed success due to its true background, dramatic scenes of the treatment they faced, and emotional escape.

3 Spanking the Monkey (1994)

While Raymond (Jeremy Davis) helps his mother while she is recovering from a broken leg, he is distracted by a neighborhood girl. His mother soon begins to rely on her son for not only physical help, but also emotional needs, leading him to develop disturbing new desires.

Jeremy’s character in this film is unusual to say the least. He is conflicted about the relationship between his new girlfriend and his mother. With its inappropriately intimate scenes and its darkly disturbing comedy, it provides an uneasy insight into human nature, which made this film a huge success.

2 The Laramie Project (2002)

The poster for The Laramie Project with the faces of several actors.

This is a film adaptation of the play The Laramie Project. The film dramatizes the visit of the original drama group and uses real words from the transcript. Set in Laramie, Wyoming, the story follows the aftermath of the murder of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard.

Jeremy plays Jedadiah in this movie. He is a film student who is hesitant to express his support for Matthew. He is shocked by the murder, but also afraid to speak out because his parents are against his sexuality. A year later, he has changed his mind and is becoming more open and candid about his own feelings. This movie is emotional because of the true story of a murder of a young man for who he was. The brutality of the murder is horrific enough to make viewers feel sorry for him and his family. The deep emotions that the film brings with it made this film a great success.

1 Privately Saving Ryan (1998)

Facing the atrocities of war, a group of soldiers sets out behind enemy lines to rescue Private Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed. As each man searches for him, they each embark on their own personal journey and discover their own strengths.

Jeremy’s character Corporal Upham was not well received by the public. He is often called a coward for failing to rescue a fellow soldier and is accused of not being able to do his job. But in the end he redeems himself and kills the man who killed his brother-in-arms. The emotional story of war and the action to rescue Private Ryan and escape propelled this film to the top of the box office.

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