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Unlike its MCU counterpart, Marvel Comics’ Shang-Chi has not used the Ten Rings for a long time, but until recently he started to get the hang of them. With the new release of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi would have to face his deadliest enemies in an ancient battle. In a brutal battle, the Ten Rings became his last resort and Shang-Chi decided to use them again against his enemies.

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Until now, Shang-Chi had been afraid of the Ten Rings and only used them as a last resort before locking them up to protect the outside world from their power. After taking over his father’s organization, the Five Weapons Society, Shang-Chi inherited the Ten Rings, powerful weapons that seem to have a mind of their own. Despite his fear of them, Shang-Chi must master their power and take control of these weapons so that he can become more powerful than ever before.


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In this first issue of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings by Gene Yang, Marcus To and Dike Ruan, Shang-Chi is seen rescuing members of his organization who have accidentally opened the safe containing the rings. His fear of them manifests when he throws the rings off his arm and locks them back up, hoping never to use the ten rings again. However, fate had other plans and during a mini golf trip with his girlfriend, the two are attacked by Razor Fist. After a quick defeat, Shang-Chi is recalled to the house as it was attacked by various organizations such as AIM, The Red Dot Collective, The Hand, and The Inner Demons. All organizations fought for control of the Ten Rings, hoping to manipulate their power in the way Shang-Chi once feared.

Shang-Chi fights the villain Razorfist.

Perhaps in a fit of despair or anger, Shang-Chi realized that being afraid of the rings wouldn’t help anyone. His fear prevented him from using the Ten Rings, but if he used them himself, they would have a powerful but good master. If Shang-Chi finally decides to use these weapons, he would save the lives of the people who go after them, while also preventing evil organizations from acquiring and manipulating them. With the Ten Rings becoming common knowledge and every villain in the Marvel Universe going after them, Shang-Chi must pick them up and use them to defend the world from their power. While the future remains unclear as to how Shang-Chi will use the rings, picking them up as his weapons will only make him more powerful again. His complicated relationship with the Ten Rings would be tested by necessity and he would have to use them to protect them from the villains who want their power. Hopefully, he would come to realize that using the rings would not mean that he would become like his father, the Mandarin, and that he could bend them to his will to become a force for good.

Readers should expect Shang-Chi to continue using the Ten Rings in future issues, and it will be interesting to see how he uses the Rings to improve himself and protect friends. Using the rings seems to be Shang-Chi’s only option now, but capturing them proves to be a challenge in itself. Marvel Comics is finally rented out Shang-Chi master the Ten Rings, something long overdue for the iconic character.

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Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings is now available at Marvel Comics!

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