‘Immediately literate’, Anya Geraldine wears a white dress with cleavage

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Anya Geraldine has again teased netizens by uploading her sexy portrait on Instagram social media accounts. The post showed Anya’s sexy body and also indulged in cleavage.

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Immediately, the upload was full of praise and temptation from netizens. What’s the portrait like? Read more below.

Portrait of Anya Geraldine in White Dress


Photo : instagram/anyageraldine

Anya Geraldine is indeed known as a celebrity and actress who has beauty and body goals. He also often uploads sexy portraits with bold and challenging poses.

Recently, he re-uploaded his sexy portrait on his Instagram social media account. The post shows the posture of Anya Geraldine wearing a white dress and showing cleavage.

He poses smiling and looking at the sea in France.

“Miss in a little white dress is never wrong,” wrote Anya Geraldine quoted from Instagram @anyageraldine.

Netizens tease


Photo : instagram/anyageraldine

Immediately, Anya Geraldine’s upload immediately reaped comments from netizens. They were fascinated by Anya Geraldine’s posture. Not a few who praise her beauty.

“It’s crazy how cool the post is,“wrote netters.
“SO AWESOME” connect other netters.
“Immediately literate this mahhh,” netters said.

“It’s so beautiful,” said netters.
“It’s very suitable to be the wife of the handsome CEO of the tajir sultan,” close netters.



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