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Wit General Motors announcing the Chevrolet Silverado electric vehicle, expectations are undeniably high, with many wondering how far the truck can go on a single charge. Aside from range, people will consider factors like charging times and performance. Although EVs are amassing an incredible amount of interest, some pushback has been experienced. Meanwhile, the Silverado EV isn’t set to go on sale until 2023, but the buzz about the electric truck’s features is at an all-time high. As more electric trucks become available in the US market, consumers must choose from a robust list of competent models. Today, the electric pickup market includes models like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning.

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The electrification of the Silverado follows GM’s efforts to keep up with the competition that seems to increase with each new release. Aside from the Silverado EV, the Detroit-based automaker has electrified former gasoline-powered trucks like Sierra and Hummer EV, both of which are from the GMC subsidiary. Interestingly, the Silverado EV shares an identical electric platform with the Hummer EV, although the former’s architecture is based on a narrower version. Ahead of the 2023 release, the Silverado EV will be built in GM’s Factory ZERO assembly plant.

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Range plays a critical role in helping people decide what EV to purchase. Unfortunately, the US has not been able to match the growing number of EVs with a solid network of charging stations. Not having enough charging stations means drivers must endure long wait times to charge their cars. The limited availability of charging stations has led to proposed fixes like wireless EV charging or car-to-car charging. Although the US government has embarked on a journey in collaboration with selected automakers and EV charging providers that will alleviate the burden of charging, the range remains a worthy factor to note when shopping for an EV. For example, Chevrolet claims that the Silverado EV can run for 400 miles on a single charge. While the automaker adds that certain factors like terrain, battery age and temperature can affect the range, 400 miles seems like a reasonable offer, especially when compared to rivals like the Rivian R1T (314 miles).

What Buyers Of The Silverado EV Will Get

Photo of the Silverado EV interior

Aside from an impressive driving range and contributing to environmental sustainability, buyers of the electric Silverado will enjoy a maximum power output of 664 hp. However, the base trim offers a standard feature of 510 hp, with an e-4WD configuration. Also, buyers will get an EV built from scratch on GM’s unique electric platform called Ultium, which ensures the EV can charge at 800V and gain up to 100 miles of range within 10 minutes. Using the platform, GM can accomplish feats like incredible torque and electric propulsion. It’ll also enable GM to build vehicles that deliver terrific driver experiences without harming the environment.

The Silverado EV will also feature GM’s software program called Ultifi. Ultifi is designed to introduce a new direction for GM and its software technologies. Drivers will conveniently receive upgrades, personalize the system, and access the newest apps as they get released. In addition, the hands-free driving experience is improved for the Silverado EV as users can enjoy this feature using the Super Cruise driver assistance technology. Standard safety features include automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking, forward collision alert and more.

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