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An intimate portrait of Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik.  (Instagram/anggawijaya88)

It is known that Dewi Perssik is officially separated from Angga Wijaya.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Dewi Perssik and Angga Wijaya were officially divorced on August 1, 2022. After the divorce, Dewi Perssik even revealed a number of irregularities in their household.

Through a television program where Dewi Perssik is the host. He reveals the chronology of what happened.

Dewi Perssik said that she had never sued her ex-husband.

“For 5 years I have never sued my husband, to provide for me, I was thanked that nothing was given,” says Dewi Perssik, quoted on Wednesday (03/08/2022).

Dewi Perssik also revealed that Angga Wijaya is suspected of committing fraud while she was the manager of the Jember singer.

“But it is suspected that he took a lot of financial misappropriation,” added Dewi Perssik.

“Still in use?” asked Caren Delano.

“Yes, it is suspected from the evidence, it is still in the process,” replied Dewi Perssik.

Furthermore, Aldi Taher’s ex-wife revealed her domestic problems one by one.

“Yesterday, I have, actually this divorce was the first, the problem of vegetable lodeh, vegetable tamarind, bored to want to stir-fry kale, women’s problems, both financial problems, allegedly he took YouTube money, I forgive him, ” he continued.

Previously, Dewi Persik forgave all the mistakes and problems in her household. But unexpectedly the problems that arise make him so sad and hurt.

“But this, just the last one, just today I transferred 50 million down payment for the 6th wedding on behalf of Budianto,” said Dewi Perssik.

Dewi Perssik and her child (Instagram/@felicegabriel9_real)

The owner of the real name Dewi Murya Agung also discussed work and work contracts.

“I feel like I’ve been working since yesterday it wasn’t me, you know. I’m not someone who doesn’t understand contracts, I’ve been working for almost 20 years, I have to read the contract first, why I’m being told to sing the down payment has come in,” he said.

He previously revealed the problem to his lawyer Sandy Arifin.

“Sandi and I were told to hang on DP, hang on, don’t even let me know, just live it like there are no problems, so one problem is solved, another problem, Bang Sandi, I was to keep it for 5 years, it is already a household name” he said.

An intimate portrait of Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik. (Instagram/anggawijaya88)

The actor in the film Arwah Goyang Karawang revealed that he often had to endure all the problems of his own household.

“I saw other women, for a month they did not even provide them, they could get angry, but if I did, I would be wrong in public, but for the sake of Marwah, sometimes I like to to be sad, ‘Cie Janda’, I can only cry in my room,” he concluded. .


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