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Jared Leto and Jamie Lee Curtis are officially on the ride in Disney’s upcoming movie, haunted house. The classic Disney attraction operates in numerous theme parks around the world, including Florida, California, and abroad in France and Japan. Previous attempts at a haunted house film include Eddie Murphy’s 2003 feature film of the same name and Disney+’s 2021 special, The Muppets: Haunted Mansion.

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An impressive list of Hollywood A-listers have already signed up for haunted house, including Rosario Dawson, Chase Dillon, Tiffany Haddish, LaKeith Stanfield, Danny DeVito, and Owen Wilson. Story details reveal that haunted house follows single mother Rebecca (Dawson) and her son (Dillon), who, seeking a fresh start, move to a new home in New Orleans. To Rebecca’s horror, the house becomes haunted, and she must enlist the help of an unhinged priest (Wilson), a scientist turned ghost buster (Stanfield), and a French Quarter psychic (Haddish) to rid the house of ghosts. haunted house is directed by filmmaker Justin Simien. Now two new stars are joining the cast.


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EW reveals that Leto and Curtis have officially signed up for haunted house. Exactly who Leto and Curtis will play is still being speculated. Based on the plot details and characters given so far, it seems haunted house still needs some ghosts. However, their roles are kept secret.

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Leto and Curtis are no strangers to the horror genre. Curtis plays Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise, and Leto recently starred in the horror-tinged comic book movie morbius. The Haunted Mansion ride features some pretty iconic ghosts, and based on their past acting credits, it’s not hard to imagine Leto and Curtis appearing as such. However, it is safe to take the new one haunted house will be more aimed at kids and families as it is a Disney movie, which is the path previous adaptations have taken. Plus, the inclusions of comedian Haddish and funny guys Wilson and DeVito indicate that the movie will be more hilarious than scary. That doesn’t mean it won’t come with a great deal of fears, though, like the first movie did.

While an all-star cast is a surefire way to attract audiences, haunted house will need a little edge to protrude from the previous adjustments. Murphy’s haunted house disappointed not only at the box office but among critics, and it’s clear Disney doesn’t want a repeat of that misstep. However, these early developments sound promising. Only time will tell if haunted house may live up to its famous name, but with Leto, Curtis and more on board, it seems entirely possible that it will.

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