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everybody’ West Side Story UPDATE In the 2021 remake, the character played by non-bite actor Iris Menas, and the supporting figure was changed to a tomboy in a transman, so that a major problem with the character in the original was solved. The musical-turned film West Side Story Takes the story of Romeo and Julia and takes place in New York City in 1957, while tensions between the Puerto Rican sharks and the white American jets increase. It follows the main characters, Tony and Mary, while they fall in love even though they are on either side of the fight.

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The Steven Spielberg remake of 2021 of West Side Story Very differs greatly from the original film version from 1961, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, especially to address a modern audience. Spielberg adds a few characters, as Valentina played by Rita Moreno from the 1961 film, and he changed the order and staging for some songs. The most important thing is that many of his changes add the socio-political context that is needed to understand the nuance of the musical. One of those changes is taking the tomboy character Anybodys and making him a transman, which solves the problems with the character in the original film.


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everybody’ West Side Story Rol in the original does not make much sense, and that is mainly because she does not really serve a goal. While other characters have direct roots of characters in Romeo and Julia, Anybodys has no equivalent, so the addition of her character was a choice that Ernest Lehman made active in the original, but he did nothing essential with her. In the original version from 1961 from West Side Story, she doesn’t sing, and her subplot of a girl trying to become a member of a boy’s gang is played to laugh. The gang is terribly rude against her and declares that she is a girl and will always remain a girl, and they exclude her from their group, although she is desperately looking for their acceptance. She ultimately deserves their respect by warning Chino’s plan to kill Tony, but then she immediately participates in the terrible things that the jets do, so that she wonders if it was worth making their respect. Eventually she is banned from the jets to protect her against the other boys in the gang, and her story ends in the same place where it started. The character is a strange choice in the original film.

The trans Identity of everyone in Westside Story 2021 adds depth and goal

Everyone with the jets in an alley in West Side Story.

In the remake of 2021 of West Side StoryDecided director Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner for Anybodys’ West Side Story Character a trans man. This decision dissolves many of the problems with the original character by adding meaning and nuance to his subplot. Instead of being played to laugh if a girl tries to be one of the boys, it is a serious and sincere story of a transman seeking acceptance and tries to prove himself to the jets. The rejection of the jets when they call Anybodys a girl who will always be a girl is no longer funny but cruel and offensive, especially from a group that trusted Anybodies and looked at those. When Anybodys warns the jets of Chino’s plan to kill Tony, he is recognized and validated as not only a member of the gang, but also as a man. In one of the biggest differences of the remake of the original West Side Story, Anybodys is not banned by the group. Instead, his story ends in a better place than it started as an accepted member of the gang, and he actually has a character arch.

By making Anybodys a trans-character, West Side Story Adds a representation layer that was not there before. Spielberg’s confirmation of the identity of Anybodys confirms that viewers already had to deal with, since the LGBTQ community felt a connection with Anybodys’ gender-not-compliant character in the original, and for many the character was already trans. Without these changes, the character of Anybody’s would be just like a disposable joke like the original.

Why let someone sing ‘cool’ a bigger step forward?

Ansel Elgort & Mike Raist in West Side Story

Spielberg’s editing of the musical offers a solid update by making anybodys trans, but West Side Story The numbers of 2021 could have done even more to make him a fully detailed character with a goal. Although many of the characters from the film, especially Tony, have many songs in their repertoire, Anybodys does not have that, but could have it easy. The song “Cool” would have been a perfect time to put Anybodys more in the spotlights, since they could have been the reason for the jets that encouraged them to cool down for the rumbling with the Sharks. This number already has a history of adaptation to various iterations of West Side Story, so making this update would of course have felt. As it is while West Side Story 2021 offered anybodys effectively trans-visibility, the film could have gone much further to make him a more prominent character in the story.

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