Again in Korea, the moment Maudy Ayunda calls her husband ‘Opa’ makes her anxious – NBCNEWS

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Maudy Ayunda shows moments in South Korea with her husband.  (Instagram/@maudyayunda)

Maudy Ayunda accompanied her husband back to South Korea.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Maudy Ayunda finally went to South Korea with her husband, Jesse Choi. The moment he was in the Ginseng Land, Maudy Ayunda started sharing through his Instagram account.

One of the things that brought Maudy Ayunda up was the moment to accompany Jesse Choi to cut his hair. In the video uploaded on Wednesday (3/8/2022), Maudy called her husband “Oppa”.

Maudy Ayunda with her husband and in-laws. (Instagram/@jessechoi_)

Before Mas Oppa Gets A Korean Haircut In Seoul!” Maudy Ayunda wrote in his uploaded video on Wednesday (3/8/2022).

After seeing Jesse Choi’s new hairstyle, Maudy Ayunda immediately called her husband “Oppa!!” greeted. in a spoiled tone. The way Maudy Ayunda called Jesse Choi was widely reacted by netizens because it sounded adorable.

That ‘DADDY!’ in the end uuhsaid netizens.Maudy said oppa, w smiled‘ replied another.

Maudy Ayunda shows moments in South Korea with her husband. (Instagram/@maudyayunda)

Oh my god, oppa annyeong, isn’t it?said another.Don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous, hold on yuu hold on yuuu,” another netizen said.

As is known, Maudy Ayunda officially married Jesse Choi on May 22, 2022. Maudy Ayunda’s marriage was so surprising because until now she never introduced her partner to the public after breaking up with Arsyah Rasyid.

Maudy Ayunda and Jesse Choi are reportedly college friends at Stanford University. To marry Maudy Ayunda, Jesse Choi decided to convert to Islam and moved to Jakarta.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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