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Throughout the history of television, most teen programs have focused on the drama that comes from being a white, suburban, middle-class teenager. While these teens are by no means devoid of emotional stress and trauma, these shows fail to address other issues of race and class that affect so many other teens. For comparison, Reservation Dogs has been a relief.

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Stories previously left out of teen shows and television in general have taken the spotlight with this show. The series follows a group of indigenous teenagers who grow up on a reservation and come to terms with their past, their future and their own identities. Since Season 1 has gained a devoted fan base and become a critical darling, the anticipation for Season 2 has only grown. For anyone still wondering when, how and where to watch the show, you’ve come to the right place.


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Where does reservation dogs stream?

Reservation Dogs is streaming on Hulu and you can now binge the first season there. Sorry you can’t watch Reservation Dogs without a Hulu subscription, but it’s not too late to get one. You can get a subscription starting at $6.99 per month.

Here’s Hulu’s official synopsis of the show:

Reservation Dogs is a half-hour comedy that follows the exploits of four native teens in rural Oklahoma who steal, rob and rescue to go to the exotic, mysterious and distant land of California.

When will Season 2 of Reservation Dogs premiere?

Season 2 of Reservation Dogs the first two episodes will premiere on August 3, 2022.

How many episodes of Reservation Dogs season 2 will there be?

Unlike season 1, which only had eight episodes, season 2 was from Reservation Dogs will have 10 episodes every Wednesday until September 28, 2022.

The trailer for Reservation Dogs Season 2 was released on July 6, 2022 and promises as much laughter as it does tears. The first season may have ended on the back burner with Elora ghosting Bear, but their journeys have only just begun. Beginning to experience both the loneliness and dangers of long car journeys, Elora and her former rival Jackie see that the west isn’t all it is. Meanwhile, Bear gets a new job and must continue to deal with his father’s absence and its various consequences. Plus, Willie Jack tries to break a “white wizard’s curse.” Thankfully, the trailer seems to promise an emotional reunion with Elora and the gang, as well as some unforgettable guest stars like Megan Mullaly, Bobby Leeand Marc Maron. Obviously, as the show evolves, it hasn’t lost the tone and spirit that made the first season so great.

What happened to reservation dogs last season?

Reservation Dogs Season 1 introduced us to the Rez Dogs, Elora Danan, Bear, Willie Jack, and Cheese as they dealt with loss and the trials and tribulations of growing up. When we first meet them, they try to raise money to leave their small reservation community and escape to California, while also mourning the death of their friend Daniel, who died the year before. When their rival gang, the NDN Mafia, drives by and paintballs them, Bear faints and hallucinates a native ghost who gives him life advice, leaving him doubting his place in the community. Throughout the series, the group tries to get in touch with their roots by talking to older members of the community and even learning native-style fighting from Elora’s uncle, Brownie.

In the penultimate episode of the series, we finally realize how Daniel died. In a series of flashbacks of Elora, we realize that after showing signs of misfortune for a long time, Daniel committed suicide, leading many in the group not only to feel grief, but also to feel guilt for his death. Towards the end, the Rez Dogs seem all set to head to California when a tornado forces them to take shelter in the church’s basement with the NDN mafia. There, Bear has another vision and realizes that his fight with the NDN mafia is not over, and he can’t leave. This creates a rift between Bear and Elora as she feels he is immature. The series ends with Elora leaving for California, presumably on the run from her own problems.

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Who are the makers of reservation dogs?

The makers of Reservation Dogs to be Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo. Harjo is known for his work focused on the Oklahoma native community. From the narrative drama, Four blades against the windabout a young man’s journey outside the reservation after his father’s untimely suicide, to his documentary, This could be the last timeInvestigating his grandfather’s disappearance, his films have shed light on his own beloved community. Meanwhile, Waititi is the Academy Award-winning director behind indie darlings like Hunting the Wildervolk and box office hits like Thor: Love and Thunder. Together with Reservation DogsWaititi produces a number of other shows such as What we do in the shade and Our flag means death.

More Teen Shows Like Reservation Dogs You Can Watch Now

For more teen shows that have as much heart as jokes, check out these contemporary masterpieces!

on my block: on my block follows a group of teenagers who are no different from the Rez Dogs. Set in the fictional but turbulent LA neighborhood of Freeridge, these four best friends struggle as they enter high school and the gangs that previously only existed on their periphery are now taking over their lives. Even with this bleak premise, the show still manages to be incredibly funny. Whether you’re watching Jamal’s insane interactions with Abuelita or Jasmine’s wildly eccentric style, there’s no way to find something to laugh about. With a razor-sharp script, talented actors and a fantastic soundtrack, on my block should be your next binge watch.

Never have I ever: One of the best TV writers of the past twenty years is Mindy Kaling. She is a romantic at heart, she writes encounters with nice things that can compete Nora Ephron and one-liners that made her jealous of her colleagues at The office. Her first foray into teenage TV, Never have I ever follows Devi, a young girl still reeling from her father’s death, but determined to move on and lose her virginity to the prettiest boy in her school, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. But no matter how hard she tries to run, her real feelings come through. With grace and humor, Kaling shows that even the brightest and most independent girls need a little help from their mother and friends every now and then.

Derry Girls: While most people wouldn’t find anything to laugh about in Northern Ireland’s troubles, Derry Girls show us that you can smile even in the darkest of times. The show follows a group of four Irish girls and a very misguided English boy as they navigate small-town life, romance and IRA violence. Even with all the instability and destruction that surrounds them, these kids seem to live without fear and experience some of the wildest adventures imaginable. From lying about witnessing a miracle to getting out of a test or faking an IRA hostage situation to get free fish ‘n’ chips, they’ll hurt your sides from laughing too much.

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