This is the Video Denying Divorce Between Princess Anne Arya Saloka, Netizen: Hopefully it will stay strong and strong in the face of the storm

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The issue of Arya Saloka and Princess Anne’s divorce is increasingly sticking out after Arya Saloka did not say a word when he got his new award.

Even though Amanda Manopo had said to thank her partner, when the Love Association dominated the award winners.

“Thank you very much to each of our families and partners,” said Andin Ikatan Cinta at the 2022 Indonesian Drama Series Awards.

I don’t know if I feel offended or if Arya Saloka doesn’t even talk about the couple at all.

At another time, Arya Saloka explained that he was hiding his family so that it would not be too highlighted by netizens.

“I always hide my true nature, so people don’t know. That’s why I also hide my family, right,”

“I don’t want my family to be raised in any way,” said Arya Saloka

“In my opinion, my family is for me, not for the public,” said Princess Anne’s husband.

“Yes, that’s my right, right? I don’t want my family to join in. I’ll have a problem when my family suddenly gets dragged into it,” he said.

“My (my) family is for me, social media is social media,” said Arya Saloka.

Then a few moments ago it was seen in the Instagram account post @putrianessaloka when Arya Saloka and his wife ate together.

“Real happiness,” the post captioned.

As a result, the post was attacked by netizens.

@taripr**** “Hopefully Mas Arya and Ms Anne will always be together forever Amen”.

@rinep*** “May you stay strong and strong in the face of the storm.. Stay happy”.

@maemuna*** “Happy always, always in harmony until death do us part Aamiin yra”.

@gieri**** “Alhamdulillah there are still many who love and always pray for this family to be healthy and happy always for all”.

@imuli***i “Alhamdulillah ….. always be happy when you see a harmonious family. Keep Sakinah Mawadah waRahmah, happy in the hereafter. Lasts until Jannah”.

Some time ago Aladin’s Instagram fanbase (Aldebaran and Andin) @aladin.word uploaded Arya Saloka’s latest activity which of course immediately flooded with comments.

“I got a sweet smile from Mas, so that Monday is even more exciting! Last night’s latepost photo, still in Jogja.”

“Thank you for sending the photo,” wrote the Instagram account @aladin.words

@rdh***9 “Maslabas see you soon”.

@ith***021 “He’s very simple…how can his fans not sag….hmmmm Papa Al’s healthy”.

@nahdhiy***hiyah “don’t be young, bro, I see him getting more and more compatible with Andin”.

@ida***anik “The black is sweet, the black is sweet, the black is sweet, you don’t get bored, you don’t get bored…..”.

@elvira_si**gar “Jiaaaahhh… you’re getting younger than your age, Arya.. Swear you know Hate atee…”

“There will be many who have a crush on you.. Success and good health always, boy”.


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