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Why do dreams and nightmares exist? Researchers have studied the meaning of why humans and animals have dreams. Yet one author gave an unimaginable and fantastic answer about what happens when everyone closes their eyes. The author of popular books such as Coraline, american godsand stardust, Neil Gaiman, brought viewers into a world where Morpheus controls dreams and nightmares in the book, the sandman.

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Filmmakers developed his book into a television series that will appear on Netflix on August 5, 2022. Morpheus is the main character in the show, but there are a few other characters who are just as mysterious as Morpheus and strive to gain his power.


Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Her character may not be hooded and wielding a scythe, but her presence lets individuals know that their time on Earth is up. Kirby Howell-Baptiste plays Death, Dreams’ older sister and member of The Endless. In some TV series like supernatural, Death is seen as a cold and stubborn figure, but Howell-Baptiste’s view of Death presents a kinder side to Death.

Viewers may have heard Howell-Baptiste’s voice before when they heard the voice of Dr. Mae Turner, the scientist who studies the behavior of dinosaurs, spoke on the TV series. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (2021 – 2022). She also appeared in the TV series kill eve (2018 – 2022), where her character Elena Felton worked as Eva’s assistant. kill eve is available on Hulu, and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is available on Netflix.

Mason Alexander Park

Mason Alexander Park plays Desire in the TV series, a gender-fluid figure. Desire and despair are twins, and they are both considered The infinite. Desire likes to cause trouble. Even though Desire was considered Dream’s favorite sibling at one point. Desire doesn’t consider the consequences of their actions, no matter how serious they turned out to be.

Before you play Desire in sandman, Alexander Park appeared in an episode of iCarly (2007 – 2012). Their most recent role includes playing Gren in the science fiction television series, Cowboy Bebop (2021). Gren survived the Titan War, despite his arrest for espionage. iCarly and Cowboy Bebop are available on Netflix.

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt vote Matthew the Raven. In Gaiman’s book, Matthew once took the form of a human named Matthew John Cable. He fell into a coma after being seriously injured in a car accident. While he actually died, he still existed in Dreaming and agreed to take the form of a raven.

Oswalt may not have always appeared on TV shows. In some cases, his voice served as a narrator. In The Goldbergs, he was the narrator who told the story of what the 80s was like in a multi-generational family. Aside from the narration, Oswalt played Principal Ralph Durbin in the TV series AP Bio (2018 – 2021). The Goldbergs is available on Hulu, and AP Bio is available on Pluto.

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Gwendoline Christie

Vertigo’s comics borrowed elements of Neil Gaiman’s work to tell the story of Lucifer Morningstar, the fallen angel and ruler of Hell. In 2016, the comics were adapted to the television series Match. In Sandman, Gwendoline Christie portrays the hair-raising but gentle Lucifer. Lucifer and Morpheus (Dream) have a tense relationship, and Lucifer promises not to bend the rules to meet Morpheus’ needs.

In 2022 by the way sandman, Christie will be featured in the 2022 Netflix TV series Wednesday as Larissa Weems. Her recognizable roles include playing Brienne of Tarth, the knight of the House of Tarth, in the critically acclaimed TV series Games of Thrones (2012-2019). Games of Thrones is available on HBO Max.

Boyd Holbrook

the Corinthian, Boyd Holbrook‘s character, is mischievous and lives to create chaos. He creates nightmares, but does not limit himself to planning nightmares. He also killed a man and manipulated people into acting on their murderous thoughts.

Before sandman, Holbrook appeared in the 2022 film, Revenge, where he played Ty Shaw. In 2021 he played together with John David Washington in the thriller Beckett. Holbrook played Stephan Tynan, who worked in the US Embassy in Athens, Greece. In 2020, he played Mike Ferro in the TV miniseries, The refugee, available on The Roku Channel. Revenge is currently in theaters, and Beckett is available on Netflix.

Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman portrays Johanna Constantine in sandman. Johanna Constantine was born and lived in an aristocratic family until the death of her parents. She longed to return to that life, even if it meant finding and returning the world’s most dangerous and powerful weapon, Pandora’s box.

In 2021 Coleman played Marie-Andrée Leclerc in the TV series The snake. Her character in the TV series is based on the real Leclerc, the girlfriend of the convicted murderer, Charles Sobhraj. In addition to The snake, Coleman led the TV series Victoria (2016 – 2019) about the young Queen Victoria. The snake is available on Netflix, and Victoria is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridge portrays a mysterious character named Morpheus. His character is referred to by other names such as Dream and Sandman. Humanity’s existence rests on dreams, but Morpheus lived in a glass bottle for centuries and lost the tools needed to control dreams.

Sturridge’s first acting role was in 1996, when he played Tom Gulliver in the miniseries Gulliver’s travels. He starred in the romantic comedy, Waiting forever (2010). He played Will Donner. Will was committed to reuniting with his childhood friend and crushed Emma. Sturridge’s most recent role prior to: sandman was in the TV series Irma Vepo (2022), where he played Eamonn. Eamonn belonged to Mira (Alicia Vikander) ex boyfriend. Mira was an actress who struggled to separate her professional life from her personal life. Irma Vepo is available on HBO Max, Waiting forever is available on Prime Video and the 1996 miniseries Gulliver’s travels is available on Tubi.

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