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A villain’s caliber can make or break a story. If the villain is crippled, the hero’s battle becomes unbelievable or uninspired. If the villain is too cool, fans will start advocating for the villain at the expense of the hero, jeopardizing the validity of the hero’s journey.

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The villains in Attack on Titan range from the pathetic to the charismatic, and their motives range from sadistic pleasure to world domination. As the final season draws to a close and former friends become formidable enemies, it’s important to think about what makes a cool villain that fans will have a hard time fighting against.

Updated on August 1, 2022 by Yom Elauria: The final episodes of Attack on Titan are expected to air on TV in 2023. The long-running show about the Eldians’ battle against the terrifying Titans turns out to have an incredibly complex story, with different characters and villains driven by their own agendas. The show features some of the vilest villains in the world of anime, but some fans can’t help but express empathy for them, especially if they’ve done something impressive and cool in the series.


14 Rod Reiss

10 - Rod Reiss

Other than being the real king behind the Walls, Rod Reiss didn’t have many cool qualities. He often behaved aloof and aloof, giving his manipulations a sinister tone that gave him an inhuman, disturbing character.

His manipulation of Historia to merge his goal of merging power into the hands of the Reiss family was distasteful even by rogue standards. Reiss fell even further after he was reprimanded by Historia and ended up using the Titan serum in a sad attempt to maintain power.

13 King Frits

King Fritz from the manga

Some consider the Eldian King to be the ruthless and vicious character on the show. As dictator, King Fritz used the powers of Ymir Fritz to crush his enemies and gain more power in the Attack on Titan world. Even when Ymir sacrificed himself to save him, King Fritz’s first thought was to have his daughters eat Ymir’s body to gain Titan powers.

The main conflict in the show wouldn’t have happened if King Fritz wasn’t in the picture. His selfish personality and lack of power certainly make him a pathetic person.

12 Dhalis Zachary

9 - Dhalis Zachary

When he was first introduced, Dhalis Zachary had what it takes to be a cool villain. He had a powerful, imposing presence and seemed intelligent and composed. However, Zachary soon revealed that he was anything but cool.

He admitted that he only cared about himself and was motivated only by his hatred of the monarchy and his desire to save his own skin. His tendency to torture his enemies only emphasized how crippled he was, because only bullies could derive pleasure from such senseless suffering.

11 Willy Tybur

8 - Willy Tyburo

Willy Tybur was kind, refined, and articulate. As well as being highly charismatic, he also had a great sense of humor, as seen when he joked with Theo Magath that the General would have a hard time finding the holder of the War Hammer Titan among Tybur’s relatives.

As head of the Tybur family, he secretly led Marley’s government from the shadows and helped hide the truth behind the Titans’ history. Tybur eventually revealed that truth to the world, and while his motive was to start a war of destruction, it’s hard not to give him credit for telling the truth.

10 Titans

The main villains of the first and second seasons, the Titans, will go down in history as one of the most terrifying and horrific villains in anime history. Their bulging eyes and expressionless expressions make them truly horrifying to behold, and those traits combined with their desire for human flesh make them a truly awesome villain.

The Titans are neither good nor bad, they are simply a manifestation of mindless violence. To date, the massive Titan battles in the first and second seasons remain some of the most memorable scenes in the series, as they set the bar for every horrific moment to come.

9 Anti-Personnel Control Squad

6 - Anti Personnel Control Team

The introduction of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad commanded by Kenny Ackerman added a new cool element to Attack on Titan in the form of aerial combat. The members of the squad all undoubtedly served Ackerman and as such became an extension of his will.

Their actions led to the deaths of many scouts and nearly resulted in Eren being eaten alive by Historia and the return of the Founding Titan in the clutches of the Reiss family. While their hands were smeared with blood, their style and fighting skills made for great action sequences.

8 Foch Forster

Floch Forster tells others to be quiet about attack on Titan

Floch Forster was a member of the Survey Corps who was lucky enough to survive the Battle of Shiganshina. The experiences he had as Eldian turned Floch into a cold and mean person who believed in Eren’s skewed views.

Floch eventually joined and became the leader of the Yeagerist movement so that he can keep the people of Paradis safe. His support for Eren’s genocidal schemes and the betrayal of his former teammates make him one of the worst characters in the game. Attack on Titan series.

7 Gabi Braun

Gabi Braun in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2.

While she’s technically still a kid, many of the show’s viewers think that Gabi Braun is a bad villain because of her actions. Fueled by revenge, Gabi rode onto the airship to aid the Survey Corps and shot Sasha Braus dead.

This was an extremely wrong move by Gabi, as she killed one of the best characters in the series. While some viewers understand that Gabi was simply acting on her feelings and blinded by the ongoing war that is destroying everything she knows, some still couldn’t forgive her for killing Sasha.

6 Bertholdt Hoover

5 - Bertholdt Hoover

At first glance, Bertholdt Hoover didn’t seem like a cool character. He started the series as rather meek, and always deferred to Reiner and Annie. After his warrior status was revealed, Bertholdt slowly came to himself and his reasoning helped Reiner stay on track and focus on the mission to recover the Founding Titan.

When Armin confronted Bertholdt and asked him why he had betrayed the cadets, Bertholdt admitted that he was just doing what he thought was right and that he was not motivated by hate. Bertholdt grew into a confident character who lived with the choices he made and embraced his role as the bearer of the devastating Colossal Titan.

5 Annie Leonhart

8 - Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart is confident in herself, even though she struggles deep inside. She is a great hand-to-hand fighter, as demonstrated during her time as a cadet and in battles in her Titan form against Eren.

While Annie is aloof, she is also committed to the quest to find the Founding Titan and does not succumb to despair without reason. Even when captured, she managed to avoid interrogation by wrapping herself in a cocoon of her hardening material, a brilliant tactic that requires a serious amount of foresight and quick thinking. As Titan, Annie introduced fans to a whole new dimension of villainy in Attack on Titan, and therefore she will always be remembered.

4 Zeke Jaeger

3 - Zeke Jaeger

The bearer of the super-strong Beast Titan, Zeke Jaeger, is more than just a talented warrior. He is also a natural leader and incredibly intelligent, as he has the ability to see multiple steps ahead of his opponents and anticipate their next moves. The only people who can outsmart and outsmart Zeke are Levi, who is arguably the strongest soldier in existence, and Eren, who has the power to see into the future.

As the mighty Beast Titan, Zeke makes an indelible impression on the battlefield, but even beyond his Titan form, Zeke is surrounded by an aura of strength and magnetism that is hard to ignore.

3 Reiner Braun

2 - Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun started the series as the coolest cadet in the 104th Training Corps, aside from Mikasa, and he continues his cool streak as the most interesting member of the Warrior Unit. Reiner exudes an aura of confidence and strength, and although he is tormented by guilt and doubt about all the deaths he has caused, he does not give in to the darkness in his soul, making him a sympathetic character on the show.

He is a soldier who struggles to accept himself and as such regain some of the humanity he has lost through his violent actions. His battles with Eren as the Armored Titan are the greatest Titan duels to date, and his growth into a complex and tormented character is one of the highlights of the series.

2 Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is one of the most complex villains in anime history. While he started out as the protagonist of the show, where he was trained to become the top Survey Corps member and defeat the Titans, his philosophy soon changed as he learned more about the Titans and became involved with his brother Zeke.

In the show’s final season, Eren successfully gains power from the Founding Titan and has led an army of Colossal Titans to Marley. His vow to kill everyone off the island is an unforgivable plan, but his complexity and emotional depth still earn him points for being one of the coolest villains in the series.

1 Kenny Ackermann

1 - Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman is the absolute king of cool among the villains in Attack on Titan. In addition to a great laugh, he was also stylish and possessed a wicked sense of humor. Kenny was a fearless fighter and his skill with ODM gear was surpassed only by Levi. Kenny was sarcastic and nihilistic and had little respect for people who had not earned his esteem.

He craved power, not to use it against others, but to find a sense of inner peace and self-satisfaction. Kenny “the Reaper” Ackerman was a legend in more ways than one and one of the most memorable villains in the series.

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