‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ Images Show Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson on a Haunted Adventure – NBCNEWS

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The Halloween season is fast approaching and with it comes a new Netflix original. In October, get ready for a spooky adventure ahead The Curse of Bridge Hollow. In the, Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson Try to stop a poltergeist from wreaking havoc. Before the premiere, Netflix has shared the first images of the film.

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The new images already promise a movie brimming with Halloween cheer as each character showcases the characters in different themed areas and situations. In one image, Wayans and Ferguson wear nervous expressions on their faces when looking at someone (or something) off-screen. Ferguson’s outfit indicates that whatever they encounter will happen on Halloween night. Elsewhere, Lauren Lapkus and Kelly Rowland‘s characters enjoy what appears to be some sort of city event based on their environment. Both are also in the Halloween spirit as they put on costumes. The third image highlights the rest of the young cast as Ferguson’s character Sydney hangs out with her friends. Their environment further suggests that their town just really loves Halloween.


The Curse of Bridge Hollow focuses on Sydney, a teenager who accidentally unleashes an old ghost on Halloween. While a wandering ghost may seem like the perfect way to kick off the holidays, the poltergeist instead possesses Halloween decorations and wreaks havoc in the city. Now Sydney is forced to team up with her father (Wayans) to stop the ghost before it does any more damage.

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The Curse of Bridge Hollow stars Ferguson, Wayans, Lapkus, Rowland, John Michael Higgins, Rob Riggle, Nia Vardalos, Abi Monterey, Holly J. Barrett, Myles Vincent Perezand Helen Slayton-Hughes. Jeff Wadlow directed the screenplay written by Todd Berger and Robert Rugan. Wadlow serves as executive producer, with Wayans, Rick Alvarezand Nathan Reimann act as producers.

The new film joins a growing roster of horror/supernatural content for Netflix, following previous releases such as Weird stuffthe fear street trilogy, and The babysitter, among other things. For viewers looking for more family-friendly content to watch, The Curse of Bridge Hollow already promises to be a nice addition to the movie night, more along the lines of the 2020 release A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting. The film also shares a release month with the adaptation of The school for good and evil.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow arrives on Netflix on October 14. look at the first images belowas well as Collider’s Steve Weintraub‘s interview with Ferguson and her colleagues Weird stuff cast mates:

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