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Thor Odinson has quite the adventure in his latest film. Love and thunder describes a new journey, which will also include his old flame, Jane Foster. She was a scientist who was always impressed by the world he imagined her in, while equally impressed by her brains and beauty.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of endearing love stories to share. These are the couples they made because of the lasting impressions they left behind. Those impressions can sometimes be strong, but also intimidating. These traits are most noticeable, both individually and when they are together.


10 Clint & Laura Barton

Clint Barton and Laura Barton are in their house.

This badass couple is one of the MCU’s more recognizable couples. They have a good balance between family life and the superhero world. There is always talk of how proud they are of each other for keeping everything together, both at home and on the field. They are an endearing couple full of mutual support and admiration.

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As Hawkeye, Clint is known for his special talent: archery. He is a top scorer with accuracy to hit targets, which makes up for his lack of superpowers. Laura hasn’t shown many of her skills from her SHIELD days, but she’s always there to provide Clint with whatever he needs. Be it information for missions or words of encouragement to help him keep going.

9 Peter Parker & Michelle Jones

Peter Parker kisses MJ.

This is a couple that is as tough as they are cute. Here was a realistic evolution of a high school relationship. The casual acquaintances who clumsily yearn for each other would form a strong bond and build a relationship on loyalty and show each other the positive sides of situations. Fans can hope they’ll save what they had before Peter’s selfless but heartbreaking decision.

With the powers of a spider, Peter keeps his neighborhood safe with speed, strength and common sense. MJ is tough in her own way, with some scene-stealing moments in No way home, despite the lack of special skills. She still has no qualms fighting with her web-wielding boyfriend. She is aware of the complications associated with dating him, which makes her more protective of him.

8 Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff

Scarlett Johansson Mark Ruffalo Natasha Romanoff Black Widow Bruce Banner

The clumsy sweet scientist is one of the few Natasha opens up to. Meanwhile, she is one of the few who can tame the Hulk when he spirals out of control. The couple is struggling to come to terms with their past trauma. With that meanness, they can reassure each other that there is more to them than their inner demons.

Bruce may see his powers as a curse, but he will always do what he can to use them for good. If he’s not using his intelligence to come up with plans or new technology, he’ll summon the Hulk for brute force when the time comes. Natasha is a former hit man turned super spy. She’s shown countless times how to hold their own against more super-powered opponents, making them a truly badass pair.

7 Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter dance in Avengers Age of Ultron

A tough romance with not enough time. Although they were mostly apart, they never stopped carrying a torch for each other. After all they’ve been through and accomplished, they’ve always seen each other as the missing piece they needed to feel whole.

Steve Rogers’ morality made him the perfect candidate to become the first superhero. He was endowed with improved agility, self-healing and strength, but kept his good heart. Peggy Carter was a spy ahead of her time. At a time when women were discouraged from reaching their full potential, she worked twice as hard as the men she fought with and against. She would help pave the way for SHIELD, which she helped find.

6 T’Challa & Nakia

Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o as T'Challa and Nakia in Black Panther

This badass pair is a great power pair. They prioritize duties over romance and have conflicting ideas about how to better serve their country. But because of how much they love and respect each other, they have no problem hearing each other until they come to an agreement.

As king of Wakanda and Black Panther, T’Challa manages to wield both political and physical power. He’s shown tremendous strength as both, but it’s as his alter ego where he also shows off speed and feline reflexes as he takes on Black Panther’s mightiest villains. His on-again, off-again girlfriend, Nakia, isn’t as super powerful, but she’s still a versatile spy and warrior. She is committed to her job and feels that Wakanda can do more, not just for herself, but for the whole world.

5 Tony Stark & ​​Pepper Potts

Tony Stark talks to Pepper Potts.

Pepper and Tony are the first couple in the MCU and have rightfully earned that title. They have shown what amazing skills they have, both alone and together. They are equal in mind and understanding and have saved each other on several occasions. They are each other’s rock, which is always proven by how they fight side by side.

Tony is a genius billionaire turned superhero. As Iron Man, he uses his ingenuity for technology to the fullest. His assistant turned CEO is no slouch himself. She is one of the few who can match his verbal wit and control his reckless behavior. Her heroism is reflected in moments such as rescuing Tony with firepower and donning her own supersuit to help save the world.

4 Marc Spector/Steven Grant & Layla El-Faouly

Layla and Steven in Moon Knight.

This is a tough couple that comes with a lot of complications. They met after the death of Layla’s father and were reunited when they were unaware that Steven was standing in front of him and Marc’s body. There is still love between them as evidenced by how protective they are of each other. She tries her best to understand his actions, while he tries his best to be more honest and less pessimistic.

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With the powers of an Egyptian god, Marc Spector can defeat any opponent with otherworldly strength and agility. As his alter, Steven Grant, he displays genius-level intelligence for situations that are too difficult to comprehend. Layla is just as brave and smart as her estranged husband. Even before she became Taweret’s Avatar, she was a resourceful archaeologist with a willingness to dive into danger.

3 Scott Lang & Hope van Dyne

This couple is as tough as they are hilarious. As a crime-fighting duo, they are largely in sync. They hype each other up when necessary. Whether it’s Scott being trained to be Ant-Man or Hope doing what she could to find her mother. It’s all while sharing hilarious banter in between.

Scott is a former thief who is also a goofball with a heart of gold and lots of Ant-Man quotes that make people love him. That doesn’t stop him from being pretty brave as Ant-Man. As his superhero character, he has the ability to shrink and enlarge himself along with nearby objects. Hope, though more limited with her size tech as Wasp, is the more down-to-earth of the two. She is a much better fighter, can fire energy blasts and fly.

2 Peter Quill & Gamora

Peter Quill talking to Gamora.

This badass couple is a perfect example of “opposites attract” with how they balance each other out. Gamora helps shape Peter during important situations. In response, he assures her that it’s okay to let go once in a while. When they combine their different skills and traits, they make a great addition to their team of unusual heroes.

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Gamora is the more traditional badass, as she is more adept at combat due to her training as a hit man. Peter Quill, meanwhile, is a space outlaw who holds himself in high esteem. He is physically incapable like the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. What he lacks there, he makes up for with his talent for gadgets and his out-of-the-box thinking.

1 Wanda Maximoff & Vision

Although an unconventional pair, this tough couple has a real connection. They help each other bring out their human side, while reminding the other that there is more than what everyone else sees. They are an unstoppable team, whether fighting as a couple or alongside their equally powerful sons.

Wanda is a powerful witch who feeds her magic with her disturbing emotions. She has no problem getting rid of those who stand in the way of the happiness she desires. This can make her as scary as tough at times and also lead to heartbreaking Wanda moments. Vision is on the more logical side, an Android that was brought to life by members of The Avengers before being revived by Wanda. He is the perfect blend of brains, brawn and alien technology.

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