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Nathalie Holscher and Putri Delina moments together (Instagram/@nathalieholscher)

Sule seemed to cook and eat his own food.

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Ade Wismoyo

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 | 08:58 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Sule’s appearance since his separation from Nathalie Holscher is still in the spotlight. Not a few who judge that the Sundanese-blood comedian looks unkempt.

Recently, a video of Sule relaxing at home was doing the rounds on social media. The singer’s father, Rizky Febian, was seen wearing a white T-shirt.

Sule in the video also points to the food menu that he cooked himself in the form of processed green chili sauce and jackfruit vegetables. “I’m cooking this,” said the 45-year-old comedian.

Sule also added additional information about the condition he is currently experiencing in the video.

“Cook for yourself, eat for yourself,” writes Sule, as if strumming a fragment of Caca Handika’s song “Angka Satu”.

Sule and Princess Delina [YouTube Sule Family]

A short video about Sule’s current condition was re-uploaded on one of the gossip accounts on Instagram on Monday (1/8/2022). This immediately provoked netizens to satirize Putri Delina.

Through the comment column, netizens referred to Putri Delina’s statement in the past claiming to love her father. With Sule’s disheveled appearance, they questioned the validity of Rizky’s sister’s statement.

Nathalie Holscher and Putri Delina moments together (Instagram/@nathalieholscher)

“What pit? Didn’t cook for his father? The one who said he loved his father.” said the account @christina_chrisna.

“Where is the daughter? Cook for her father,” replied the account @moelriver.

There are also those who think that Sule has been affected by karma because he does not need women in his life because he still has children.

“You don’t need another woman, he said, so enjoy it. When the child goes out, I will cook myself.” said the account @lifcomnely94. (Adiyoga Priyambodo)


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