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Rafathar's appearance at school (Instagram/@chevirgo)

Raffi Ahmad confirmed the behavior of Rafathar’s school friends to the child.

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Nur Khotimah | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 | 19:20 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Raffi Ahmad discusses the behavior of Rafathar’s schoolmates podcast recently on Rans Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Raffi Ahmad confirmed the story about his son’s school friend directly to the elder.

As is known, Rafathar and other school children started going to school again at the end of July 2022 yesterday. Rafathar’s moment when he returned to school became an interesting story.

According to Raffi Ahmad, Rafathar apparently became the target of ridicule from his friends at school.

As a typical 90s kid joke, Rafathar was deliberately called by his father’s name by his school friends.

“My friends at school said they were called ‘Raffi Ahmad’. Isn’t that right, isn’t it?” said Raffi Ahmad.

Rafathar’s appearance at school (Instagram/@chevirgo)

Rafathar heard this and showed a relaxed reaction. He seemed to just smile at the teasing of his friends as Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad’s video upload revealing that Rafathar was teased by his schoolmates went viral on TikTok with 600,000 views.

“Come on, who does that often?” write TikTok account @lexxx_mkgcited on Tuesday (2/8/2022).

Rafathar’s appearance at school (Instagram/@chevirgo)

Netizens were also busy commenting on Rafathar’s story at the school. There are netizens who are surprised to see the story of Rafathar’s school which is not much different from the story of school children in general.

“Congratulations Rafathar for experiencing the outside world,” wrote one netizen. “Kids of rich people like it too, don’t you think?” another netizen said. “The dark side of Rafathar’s friend,” another netizen said.

For information, it is known that Rafathar progressed to grade 2 at the ACS Jakarta Elementary School (SD) in the school year 2022-2023.

At school, Rafathar is in the same class as Syahrini’s twin nephews, Raja and Ratu.


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