Raffi Ahmad admits he is tired of being the Sultan, Hengky Kurniawan Auto calls for a change of fate – NBCNEWS

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Raffi Ahmad, Rayyanza and Nagita Slavina.  (Instagram/@raffinagita1717)

Raffi Ahmad was tired of being the sultan, Hengky Kurniawan immediately asked for a change of position.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Raffi Ahmad was nicknamed the ‘sultan’ along with the success he achieved in the entertainment world. Because his home and office are in the Andara area, Raffi Ahmad is called the ‘Sultan of Andara’.

But recently, netizens were excited because Raffi Ahmad’s confession was tired of being the Sultan. The confession was written by Raffi Ahmad as he shared a portrait of him frowning on the side of his red sports car.

“I’m tired of being the sultan, it just feels normal,” Raffi Ahmad wrote on Monday (1/8/2022).

Raffi Ahmad admits that he is tired of being the sultan. (Instagram/raffinagita1717)

Apparently, many want to change position with Raffi Ahmad to become Sultan. Including Hengky Kurniawan who now serves as Plt. The regent of West Bandung also wants to switch roles with Raffi.

“@raffinagita1717 exchange brother, you become regent for 1 day,” said Hengky Kurniawan.

Apparently, many netizens agree that Raffi Ahmad will enter politics. Netizens seem to have clarified Hengky Kurniawan’s comments asking Nagita Slavina’s husband to become regent within one day.

Raffi Ahmad, Rayyanza and Nagita Slavina. (Instagram/@raffinagita1717)

“@hengkykurniawan is great sir @raffinagita1717 a Raffi count on training for 2024 hehe,” said the rv****lh_ account. “@hengkykurniawan, you are pretentious @raffinagita1717,” the account replied on ****55.

Not only Hengky Kurniawan, many netizens offered to exchange positions with Raffi Ahmad. “How’s the exchange A,” said the abr*****bs account.

“Would you rather have A?” ask kf****ea bill. “May I replace it as sultan Aa,” replied the account noorw*****iqoh_.

Raffi Ahmad’s confession that he was tired of being the Sultan has now also gone viral in gossip reports. What do you think?

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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