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Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution celebrate Sedah Mirah's birthday.  (Instagram/ayanggkahiyang)

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution just celebrated Sedah Mirah Nasution’s birthday. They were seen smiling happily as they took a family photo, complete with the presence of Panembahan Al Nahyan Nasution.

Sedah Mirah’s simple birthday party decorations appeared on the back of Kahiyang Ayu’s family. There are balloons of different shapes, red curtains and balloons that say “Happy Birthday”.

In addition, there is also a portrait of Sedah Mirah and Bobby Nasution holding a gift. The faces of both of them look so happy in the portrait.

Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution celebrate Sedah Mirah’s birthday. (Instagram/ayanggkahiyang)

“Happy 4th birthday, my son, Sedah Mirah Nasution,” Kahiyang Ayu wrote on Monday (2/8/2022).

Netizens and fellow artists immediately flooded the comment column uploaded by Kahiyang Ayu with congratulations.

However, there are also those who praise the simplicity of Sedah Mirah’s birthday party. According to netizens, Kahiyang Ayu’s family lives in abundance, but they choose to live in simplicity without thinking about prestige and a luxurious lifestyle.

Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution celebrate Sedah Mirah’s birthday. (Instagram/ayanggkahiyang)

“Wow, sis, Sedahhhh, it’s turning 4, congratulations, baby,” Krisdayanti remarked.

“Happy birthday, pious child, happy happy in the afterlife,” wrote Chacha Frederica.

“Happy birthday, beautiful, I don’t know why, I’m just happy to see this little family. Even though officials and even the children and grandchildren of the number one person in this country, everything is simple, it is embarrassing to celebrate big children’s birthdays even though the budget is in debt, netizens said.


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