Instantly answered, Ririn Ekawati’s prayer during successful Umrah made Ibn Jamil cry – NBCNEWS

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Ibn Jamil and Ririn Ekawati (Instagram/@ririnekawati)

“So sweet, more than sweet in my opinion,” Ibnu Jamil said of Ririn Ekawati’s prayer.

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Nur Khotimah

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 | 18:39 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Ibn Jamil could not help but cry when he heard Ririn Ekawati’s prayer when he performed Umrah worship in Ramadan 2022 yesterday. Ririn Ekawati’s prayer was answered immediately as soon as she and Ibn Jamil returned home from Umrah.

Apparently, Ririn Ekawati prayed for Ibn Jamil’s relationship with his biological son, Dhofin. The relationship between Ibnu Jamil and Dhofin appears to be strained after their divorce from Ade Maya in 2018.

After performing the Sa’i worship and cutting his hair during Umrah, Ibn Jamil could not reveal the prayer prepared. As a result, it was Ririn Ekawati who led the prayer.

Ibnu Jamil and Ade Maya (NBCNEWS.LIVE/Whyu Tri Laksono/Ismail)

“He couldn’t seem to find the words or prayers he wanted to say because he was so excited about the situation. Ultimately, I was the one leading the prayers,” Ririn Ekawati recalled in a Daniel Mananta Network video on Tuesday (2) /8/2022).

“I know he and Dhofin have extra efforts. So I know that prayers will come out and what he thinks should be the most important thing. What comes out of my mouth is ‘Sooth Dofin’s heart, mend their relationship’, basically about Dhofin and him,” Ririn Ekawati continued.

Ibn Jamil could only cry when he heard Ririn Ekawati’s prayer. “The prayer was read by my wife. More chaotically, my wife is not Dhofin’s biological mother. So sweet, more than sweet in my opinion,” he explained.

Ibn Jamil and Ririn Ekawati (Instagram/@ririnekawati)

The miracle of the Umrah prayer really came to Ibn Jamil. After Umrah, Ibn Jamil’s relationship with his son slowly improved.

“When he came home from Umrah, Dhofin talked to me,” concluded Ibn Jamil.

Previously it was reported that Dhofin was reluctant to reply to messages sent by Ibn Jamil. This moment also managed to make Ibn Jamil very grateful.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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