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capybara games’ sharpening stone, a horribly comic puzzle-slasher that happens to be one of Steam’s best new releases of 2022, has gifted players with a massive, free content update. With over thirty hours of gameplay prior to the addition of the New Game Plus mode, and a hip-hop electronic soundtrack to beat to, sharpening stone is a must-play for fans of the genre.

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sharpening stone first released on Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch in September 2019, and since then, Capybara Games has consistently released free content updates for the game. The newer Steam version is the most complete to date as it includes every content update since launch. Steam also has two volumes of sharpening stone soundtracks for sale, and even offers a demo that carries over the progress to the full game. Even sharpening stone Originally an Apple Arcade hit, it can certainly be considered one of Steam’s best releases in 2022.


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The Cosmic Darkside update is sharpening stones New Game Plus mode that shakes up the original first sixty levels. This new content includes new gear (which will likely come in handy) and a new biome, and will be unlocked after players successfully complete level 200. Then a portal will open (with a meteor impact, so it’s hard to miss) to the Mystic’s Realm, and the Cosmic Dark Side will be just past it. Those sixty levels won’t feel familiar, as they’re figuratively infected with a new mechanic, objective, enemies and dangers – and they also reward the player with a shiny (or explosive) new resource.

Grindstone’s Cosmic Darkside Update Has A Contagious Twist

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sharpening stone has positive reviews for being a fast-paced, gory, hack-and-slash puzzle game, and the fun of pulverizing your enemies is as exciting as a superbly executed combo that clears a level despite difficult mechanics. The new gameplay twist in Cosmic Darkside is one of infection; there are two new enemy types, the Cosmic Creep and the Cosmic Jerk, which will explode if not killed fast enough, and they will infect almost everything in the vicinity. Along with new enemies, there’s a new resource called Osmium, which can be used to craft new gear if collected in time, including the Cosmic Hazmut Suit that comes with a special ability. If left on the board for too long, Osmium will explode and infect nearby things, including Grindstones. Grindstones, when infected, also explode and spread the infection if not grabbed urgently.

So don’t try to throw away Switches or Steam Decks (which arrive earlier than expected) out of frustration; there will be new strategies to learn as players adapt to these new perils, and as they make their way through the infectious crowd, they will encounter new level objectives and methods to unlock the Cosmic Darkside gates. There will also be Cosmic Darkside-specific challenges in the Howling Wolf Inn, for those who like extra punishment.

With the Cosmic Darkside update, sharpening stone has essentially doubled in size. The game is now worth double what it was before this free additional content with no relative price increase. Fans of the comically absurd, gruesome brutality and mind-bending puzzle games should pay attention sharpening stone – not only for the gameplay, but also for the team that consistently releases new content for free. Players only need the base game on Steam to enjoy all the content added to this ridiculous yet awesome title.

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