Honor of Citayam dates revealed, Rizky Billar’s attitude on TV shows becomes a spotlight – NBCNEWS

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The transformation of Citayam Dates Fashion Week (TikTok@hanafashionshop)

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Kurma Citayam Fashion Week opens on revenue. Apparently, Kurma got a pretty promising salary so that he could buy his mother jewels.

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Rizky Billar has just become a guest star of “Report Pak Sidak Bandung”. Rizky Billar’s attitude when the filming of the event was over immediately became the spotlight of netizens on social media.

Dewi Perssik secretly prepared a car gift of IDR 3 billion for Angga Wijaya because he didn’t know he was going to divorce. So, how the fate of these luxury cars?

The news above includes the top 5 most popular news NBCNEWS.LIVE on Tuesday (2/8/2022). Here is the review!

1. Become a guest star of ‘Report Pak Sidak Bandung’, Rizky Billar’s attitude after the event is highlighted

Rizky Billar at the Report Pak Sidak Bandung event. (Instagram/@laporpak_trans7)

Rizky Billar was one of the guest stars of the event “Lapor Pak Sidak Bandung” which was filmed on 30 and 31 July 2022. Rizky Billar’s attitude after the event was over was enough to steal the attention of netizens.

It all started with a video recording of Rizky Billar’s fans which was shared by the TikTok account @billar.edit. The video features Rizky Billar’s moment on stage after the shooting of the “Lapor Pak” event was over.

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2. Citayam Fashion Week Dates Buy jewelry for mom, the income makes melogo!

The transformation of Citayam Dates Fashion Week ([email protected])

Dates are one of the icons of Citayam Fashion Week. Bonge’s ex-boyfriend suddenly went viral and became famous.

Virals are also able to bring food. Dates are said to generate an income of Rp. 2 million – 10 million per day.

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3. Now divorced, this is the fate of the Rp 3 billion car that Dewi Perssik bought for Angga Wijaya’s birthday present

Dewi Persik and Angga Wijaya (Instagram/@anggawijaya88)
Dewi Persik and Angga Wijaya (Instagram/@anggawijaya88)

Dewi Perssik prepared a luxurious gift for Angga Wijaya, whose birthday will be in October. But who would have thought, Dewi Perssik and Angga Wijaya are now divorced. So what is the fate of the gifts prepared by Dewi Perssik?

This year, Dewi Perssik plans to give a gift in the form of a car worth Rp 3 billion to Angga Wijaya. The car which was ordered about 6 months ago has arrived and is ready to be given to Angga.

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4. The red wizard reveals his true face when he takes off his wig: Looks like Peter Parker’s Spider-Man?

Red wizard.  (Instagram/marcelradhival1)
Red wizard. (Instagram/marcelradhival1)

The red wizard is synonymous with his eccentric appearance. Her hair is dyed red and her costume is red to match. It is said that his original appearance when he took off the wig made the shaman nervous.

The name Red Magician is currently in the limelight after he clashed with Gus Samsudin for revealing the magic tricks of the shaman under the guise of religion.

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5. Ria Ricis Criticized After Making Baby R-Breastfeeding Content, Teuku Ryan’s Speech Highlighted: Honestly Listen, It Was A Bit Disgusting

Ria Ricis' moment to breastfeed her first child (YouTube/Ricis official)
Ria Ricis’ moment to breastfeed her first child (YouTube/Ricis official)

Happiness continues to surround the couple Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan after the birth of their first child, a girl.

As a couple of YouTubers, Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan don’t just miss content with their kids. One of them when they just got home from the hospital.

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