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Angel Karamoy Profile (Instagram/realangelkaramoy)

Angel Karamoy’s widowed status with 2 children is also frequently mentioned.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Angel Karamoy continues to attract the attention of the Indonesian people, especially the Adam. Angel Karamoy started out as a soap opera player and has recently struggled with his innocence in the comedy world.

Angel Karamoy’s widowed status also makes women nervous. Because Angel Karamoy is still charming even though he already has 2 children, so many women feel insecure. Even fellow artists suspected that Angel Karamoy uses implants due to her unfading beauty charm.

How is Angel Karamoy’s life? Listen through Angel Karamoy’s profile below.

1. Biography of Angel Karamoy

Angel Karamoy Profile (Instagram/realangelkaramoy)

Angelica Wilhelmina Karamoy or better known by her stage name Angel Karamoy was born on January 16, 1987 (35 years in 2022) in Manado. This woman of Minahasa descent is the second child of the couple Vence J. Karamoy and Theresia Sumendap. Angel’s older brother is Daniel, while his younger brother is a former member of Cherry Belle, Kezia Karamoy. Currently, Angel Karamoy is a single mother of 2 children.

2. Angel Karamoy’s career journey

Angel Karamoy Profile (Instagram/realangelkaramoy)

Angel Karamoy started his career as a soap opera actor since he was 12 years old. However, her name only became known to the Indonesian people when she replaced Marshanda as Lala in the soap opera “Bidadari” season 3 in 2003.

In addition to soap opera stars, Angel Karamoy is also a commercial star and singer. Angel Karamoy once released the religious album “Miracle is Real” which became the original soundtrack (OST) for the soap opera of the same name.

Dozens of soap operas starring Angel Karamoy never nominated her as an award-winning actor in a television series at the 2013 Bandung Film Festival and most popular lead actress at the 2016 SCTV Awards.

Since 2019, Angel Karamoy entered politics by joining PDIP. However, when he ran for office in 2019, Angel Karamoy failed to get a seat in the Indonesian House of Representatives based on votes in the West Java VI constituency (Bekasi and Depok).

3. Angel Karamoy’s love story

Angel Karamoy Profile (Instagram/realangelkaramoy)
Angel Karamoy Profile (Instagram/realangelkaramoy)

Angel Karamoy married Steven Rumangkang in January 2008. According to his mother, Angel Karamoy was actually married in April 2007. The marriage was deliberately hidden at the request of the management.

From the marriage with Steven Rumangkang, Angel Karamoy has 2 children, each named Lovely Maria Rumangkang and Junio ​​​​McKenzie Rumangkang. However, the marriage ended in 2016 with Angel having custody of the children.

Before dating Steven Rumangkang, Angel Karamoy once dated Irwansyah. Meanwhile, Angel Karamoy is reportedly still dating filmmaker Jose Purnomo.

Angel Karamoy’s relationship with Pasha Ungu also caused a stir in 2016. Because photos of Angel and Pasha’s kisses circulated, even though their status at the time was still both married. However, Angel Karamoy denied that there was a special relationship and admitted that he was just an ordinary friend with Pasha Ungu.

This is Angel Karamoy’s profile at a glance which is still talked about because of her beauty charm. What do you think?

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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