8 Photos of Maternity Shoot Irish Bella, Appear Intimate with Husband!

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Ready to welcome the birth of her second child, this is a portrait of Irish Bella while undergoing a maternity shoot to capture the moment of her pregnancy. Irish did a photo shoot with the artist’s professional photographer, FD Photography.

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One of the Irish maternity photo shoot concepts is with shades of pink like a queen. This 1996-born actress looked charming in a pink dress that was complemented by a strap that wrapped around her shoulders.

2. Appear with beautiful makeup and accessories

Not only her dress makes Irish Bella’s appearance charming, she also wears makeup that makes her face even more beautiful. Irish seemed to wear gold eyeshadow and nude lipstick that matched her outfit.

Not only that, Irish also wears an accessory in the form of a gold headpiece that adorns her hijab like a queen.

3. Ammar Zoni also accompanied his wife to the photoshoot

While undergoing a maternity photo shoot, Irish Bella was not alone. She was also accompanied by her beloved husband, Ammar Zoni.

As seen, Ammar Zoni also wore accessories that matched his wife. Ammar Zoni wore an all-white outfit with a headpiece on his head.

Wow, this couple is like a king and queen huh, Ma.

4. In the next concept, Irish Bella looks cute in a fairy dress

Next is the second Irish Bella maternity photo concept. Slightly different from the previous appearance, this time Irish appeared sweet with fairytale vibes.

Irish was wrapped in a plain pink tile dress with ruffle details. The dress made Irish’s appearance look so gorgeous.

Moreover, the decorations in the form of beautiful pink and blue flowers also seem to blend with the Irish who look like a fairy godmother.

5. Ammar Zoni also participated in pastel clothes

Not only his wife, Ammar Zoni also participated in the maternity photo shoot in the second concept. The star of the soap opera ‘Street Children’ looks stunning in pastel clothes.

At the age of 29, it seems that Ammar Zoni is ready to become a father figure on standby for his two children, Ma,

6. Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni’s intimate pose

Maternity shoots are not only done to capture the moment of pregnancy. Maternity photos can also be a moment to show intimacy and harmony with your beloved husband.

Like what Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni did in this portrait. Ammar Zoni seemed to hug his wife from behind lovingly. As a result, not a few netizens are excited to see it, here.

7. The third maternity shoot carries an elegant purple nuance

It didn’t stop there, Irish Bella also underwent a maternity shoot with the third concept. Different from before, this time Irish and Ammar Zoni appeared in an elegant and glamorous style.

Irish looks elegant in a purple dress decorated with large rose accents on the shoulders and chest. Meanwhile, Ammar looks dashing in a navy blazer suit without any underwear.

8. Show off the baby bump that is getting bigger

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