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After the hit successes of Out and U.Smodern horror superstar Jordan Peele is back with his third great movie, no. The film has been in theaters for a few weeks now and has received critical acclaim for its intricate point of view, cinematography and dynamic performances. Peele reunites with Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya and is joined by Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea.

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important, no is Brandon Perea’s first feature film, and clearly his breakthrough role. Audiences are already eager to see what he’ll do next, and some see a great opportunity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of him. Perea even expressed interest in joining the MCU and posted some videos on Twitter showcasing his impressive athleticism and acrobatics. Frankly, he does fit the mold for an MCU hero, so here are some options for who he might play.


Nova (Sam Alexander)

Sam Alexander as Nova who flies in The Champions.

One of the characters Perea herself has said he would like to be considered for Nova. In particular, he said Sam Alexander, the second person to take on the nickname. Sam was first introduced in 2011, and unlike his predecessor Richard Rider, his Nova helmet came from his father, Jesse Alexander. He was part of the Nova Corp and led their black-ops team, the Supernovas. So Sam’s design is different from Richard Rider’s.

Sam quickly skyrocketed in popularity, going so far as to join the Avengers. However, he and fellow teammates, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales), set out to form the champions and unite other young heroes. Sam can be extremely selfish and naive, but endlessly brave, and Perea can certainly help him become a fun, lovable character. If Sam joined the MCU, he’d probably be included in the Young Avengers team they’re developing – so Perea could already be considered too old.

Nova (Richard Rider)

Marvel Comics Nova

Not ironically, given that the odds of playing Sam Alexander may be on the wane, Perea would also be a good fit for the original Nova, Richard Rider. He also started out as a high school student turned superhero when he was randomly selected to succeed Rhomann Dey, the last surviving Centurion for the Nova Corps. Nova is an iconic and powerful hero and fans have been waiting for his arrival in the MCU. There have been all kinds of hints at him, such as John C Reilly playing Rhamann Dey in Guardians of the Universe and the decimation of Xander for it Avengers: Infinity War – but still nothing.

However, in March 2022, Nova project turned out to be finally in the works. Nevertheless, no further information has been revealed, including whether the project would feature Richard Rider, Sam Alexander, or both as the protagonist(s). Perhaps more information will be given at the D23 Expo in September. Getting Perea for the role would be a smart decision, as he could still bring a sense of inexperience needed for a new hero, as well as the inherent ability to develop and mature in future films.

Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

Human Torch Marvel Comics Cover

After hearing of Perea’s interest in the MCU, many fans have pointed out that he just looks like Johnny Storm, another role that could see Perea playing a prominent role in the future of the MCU.

Ever since 2019 Comic-Con, when Kevin Feige revealed the Fantastic Four are coming, fans have eagerly theorized how and when they might be introduced. Now, after the 2022 Comic-Con, the public now knows the timetable with Fantastic four will premiere on November 8the, 2024 and it will launch Phase Six. The casting for Marvel’s First Family will reportedly be revealed at the upcoming D23 Expo, and maybe buzzing no and Perea can help him be considered.

White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

As can be seen in his videos, Brandon Perea is incredibly handy, and while he would fit well with characters like Nova and Human Torch, those roles wouldn’t really use his talents in the best way. Frankly, much of the filming would mainly consist of him connecting with various wires and taps to simulate them flying. He could be put to better use by casting him as someone like Hector Ayala AKA White Tiger. With the right training and direction, Perea’s stunts and flexibility can be turned into a fun martial artistry as White Tiger.

Hector Ayala draws his consciousness, agility and strength from his amulet of power – also known as the Jade Amulet. A street-level hero, he had acted as Spider-Man and Daredevil. Interestingly, there have been several White Tigers, including Hector’s relatives, Ava and Angela. However, there is also Kasper Cole, one of Black Panther’s protégés, and a real white tiger turned into a human by the High Evolutionary. That’s why there are many different ways White Tiger can join the MCU, but Shang Chi 2 seems like a logical entry.

Iceman (Bobby Drake)

Iceman AKA Bobby Drake - Marvel Comics

Because what Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and then Mrs. Marvel set up for the MCU, Perea’s chances of playing a great character in the MCU have expanded exponentially. Kamala Khan was founded as the MCU’s first mutant, but she will hopefully be joined by the legends that are the X-Men. Frankly, Perea could fit into that group in many different ways, but one of the more exciting options would be to play Bobby Drake.

After being underused throughout the period X-Men movies and animated shows, hopefully he gets the treatment he deserves in the MCU. He is not only one of the original X-Men, an omega-level mutant and a prominent gay superhero, but also someone with deep connections to other A-List heroes such as Spider-Man and Human Torch.

Sunspot (Robert Da Costa)

Sunspot on the cover of Secret X-Men.

Another mutant and X-Men, who could make Brandon Perea, would be Roberto Da Costa AKA Sunspot. Recently, he’s probably best recognized for being in 2020’s The new mutantsplayed by Henry Zaga, who is officially the X-Men movie series. That movie wasn’t particularly well received by fans or critics alike, but the MCU shouldn’t hesitate to use it. He’s a prominent X-Men character and even joined the Avengers, so there are plenty of ways to include him.

Roberto can harness and convert solar energy, allowing him to fly and create powerful bursts of energy and fire. This may look a lot like Human Torch, but not so much that it should affect its inclusion in the MCU. There is a distinct aesthetic, ferocity and method in how Sunspot operates and works as part of a team that greatly differentiates him from Human Torch. He would probably be a later arrival compared to X-Men like Cyclops or Wolverine, so that time could work in Perea’s favor.


Noh Varr at Marvel Comics

Noh-Varr is a Kree hero who comes to Earth and eventually joins the Avengers as Marvel Boy – until he realizes the villains are posing as heroes led by Norman Osborn. Noh-Varr then joins the Young Avengers for a while and he is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, where he teams up with his new friend, Hercules, who eventually joined the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Since the Young Avengers have been steadily popping up throughout Phase Four – and Noh-Varr is one of the few members missing. That would be too quick a turnaround for Perea, but if he’s not introduced there, Perea may be able to take on the part.

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)


Brandon Perea could be suitable for many different X-Men characters, but his unique talents could lend themselves well to playing Kurt Wagner. While not an original team member like Iceman, Nightcrawler is definitely one of the most popular X-Men, and thus someone fans would love to see in the MCU. He has a charming and friendly nature, and as a teleporter with greater awareness and agility, he would be an integral member of the MCU’s X-Men team.

Hopefully the MCU’s Nightcrawler can have a bit of his prankster like he did during his early runs in the comics – something that’s missing from his characterization in Fox’s X-Men. As long as his accent is authentic and well executed, Perea would really shine in a role like this as he can use his acrobatic talents and acting skills to bring Nightcrawler to life.

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