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Unhealthy relationships frequently start feeling like the most romantic connection of your lifetime, which is one of life’s harshest facts. That’s sometimes due to love bombing, which occurs when one of the partners in a relationship uses love and affection as a method to control the other. The most terrifying thing that can happen when dating is probably a love bomb. At first, everything might appear great, possibly even too perfect. You might believe you’ve discovered someone who is not just into you but also shows you a lot of signs of affection through their words, actions, and behaviour, but later you can realize that it was all a ruse on your partner’s part.

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The indicators of love bombing can differ between individuals, but there are 4 you should watch out for.

1. They want to be with you always

It can be an indication that someone is eagerly attempting to move as swiftly with you if they try to spend an excessive lot of time with you regardless of your responsibilities or promises to other people. Your lover can become irate if you don’t pay them enough attention. Even while you’re talking on the phone with friends, they want your complete attention. They may also force you to stay by refusing to let you go when you explain that you need to leave early the next morning for work.

2. They shower you with romantic gestures

You will undoubtedly be overjoyed when your companion shows you romantic gestures to make you feel unique. But it’s a love bomb when your lover offers you extravagant things and tells you how much they cost. They strengthen their bond with you by treating you like royalty. They take advantage of the dependence you begin to feel towards them.

3. It offends them when you put boundaries

Even if you ask them to calm down, they’ll keep trying to influence you in order to achieve what they desire. On the other side, someone who genuinely cares will respect your intentions and withdraw. There will come a point when you might start to disregard your favorite pastimes or feel pressured to include them, all the while growing more alone. This is yet another method that abusers employ to draw you more into their world to violate boundaries.


4. They instantly give you their commitment

You were just starting out as a couple when you moved in together, got engaged and started talking about having children. A love bomber can exert pressure on you to move quickly and make ambitious visions for the future. When you’ve only been dating for a short while, they’ll bring up marriage or living together. This may suggest that the individual is unaware of their boundaries and that they constantly change their priorities in their lives.

If you’re concerned that your partner is being manipulative, consider talking to a reliable friend, member of your family, or a mental health professional who can help you analyze their actions.

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