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Teuku Vishnu and Shireen Sungkar holiday in Dubai (YouTube/The Sungkars)

Shireen Sungkar was surprised by the behavior of the child.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – It is known that Shireen Sungkar and her husband Teuku Wisnu have just returned from performing Hajj. Not long ago at home, Shireen was made to shake her head because of the behavior of her first son, Adam.

Shireen Sungkar was reportedly surprised to receive a snack bill from Adam’s school. The bill for snacks reached hundreds of thousands of rupiah even though he was still in primary school, allegedly because he treated his friends.

“His job was to pick up food in the canteen, suddenly it came 3 days later. The bill was hundreds of thousands, I say. It’s very expensive, I’m surprised. What do primary school children buy in the canteen? It seems he treats his classmate for days, I say,” Shireen Sungkar scolded in the video shared by the @lambegosiip account on Sunday (31/7/2022).

Shireen Sungkar (instagram)

Shireen Sungkar then reminded Adam that they were not of the Sultan’s family. “Son, mami let me know, you are not the son of the Sultan. Please don’t get involved,” says Shireen.

But Adam’s friend who was playing at home denied he had been treated. Teuku Vishnu also explained that Adam just forgot to pay and did not treat his friends.

“At that time I ate, then the next day was a day off. Do you remember this from 2 weeks ago? So, it ate again and ate again until the person arrived. Adam ate like that, it means something like that,” explains Teuku Wisnu.

Teuku Vishnu and Shireen Sungkar holiday in Dubai (YouTube/The Sungkars)

Even though it’s cleared up, Shireen Sungkar is still amazed by Adam’s unique behavior. “He never pays me? He doesn’t understand that he pays once, does he?” he said.

Netizens were left laughing with the cuteness of Adam, son of Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu. To note, Adam was born on September 10, 2014 which means he is still 7 years old.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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