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A savvy shopper managed to pick up $170 worth of heavily discounted chicken and groceries for just over $25, but many warned against stockpiling meats near its sell-by date

A frugal Australian mom has impressed hundreds with her low-cost grocery shopping that has saved her more than $140 — but some have warned against stocking up on discounted meat.

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The shopper from Coomera in Queensland managed to score $170 worth of chicken, as well as some dairy and deli items for just $25 when she popped into Coles at 7pm on her way home from work for what should have been a ‘quick stop’. to be.

‘A happy housewife. Value $169.94. Paid $25.20. My fam will start growing feathers,” she wrote in a post on Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia featuring a photo of her budget store.

A savvy shopper managed to pick up $170 worth of heavily discounted chicken and groceries for just over $25, but many warned against stockpiling meats near its sell-by date

The bargain hunter bought 21 packs of chicken and turkey including whole birds, wings, negs, legs and ground beef, as well as iced coffee, yogurt and hummus for just a fraction of the price.

Her post garnered hundreds of comments and sparked a debate among shoppers who warned against keeping meat close to its best-before date for too long, even when frozen.

Why you shouldn’t wash raw chicken

Chicken: It’s super tasty and a great source of protein. But it can also host nasty bacteria, and all food processors should use caution when preparing it.

Don’t wash raw chicken to begin with. The bacteria on the surface can spread in tiny droplets that splash through your kitchen, contaminating surfaces, equipment, and other foods.

Cooking chicken thoroughly kills the bacteria.

Also, when preparing raw chicken, remember to wash your hands before and after handling, and use separate cutting boards and utensils to prevent bacteria from spreading to ready-to-eat foods.

Playing it safe with food only takes a few seconds.

It’s always worth it.

Source: Healthier QLD

‘Great pick up especially with the cost of meat! But my fear would never let me eat it – discounted meat, especially chicken, is a no go,” warned one mother.

‘Looks like they’ve been scaled down twice, you might want to sniff them,’ another recommended, while a third wrote, ‘I use the line when it smells and slimy. Throw it out. This applies to items that are by date per days or a day or 2 left and bought during clearance.’.

“If you want to eat something that could make you very sick and call it a bargain, I suppose as long as you’re happy, I really hope you don’t get serious food poisoning,” a fifth joked.

“Do some of you really think that when the clock strikes midnight, the chicken is immediately riddled with salmonella? As you know, bacteria don’t work that way…’ argued another.

Others suggested opening, repacking, and even rinsing the discounted meat before freezing to make sure it’s safe to eat.

“Clear meat (not just chicken) is always opened, sniffed, slimy test done, repackaged and frozen,” said one shopper.

‘I remove the juice from the original packaging, wash the juice, divide it into freezer bags and freeze it. Once I was poisoned, it was already marinated and cooked without washing,” a second explained.

However, food safety experts have said not to wash raw chicken, as this can spread harmful bacteria in the kitchen.

According to the Queensland government’s Healthier initiative, washing chicken is not recommended as droplets can splash bacteria into the kitchen and contaminate surfaces, equipment and other food-causing diseases such as Salmonella.

Many of Coles chicken packs advised customers to store at or below 5C and if frozen, do so on day of purchase and use within a month.

Thaw completely in the refrigerator before cooking and store in the refrigerator until use. Use within 1 day of thawing. Do not refreeze once thawed,” the package reads.

Simple steps to safely freeze and thaw chicken meat

If you buy raw chicken meat in bulk, you will probably need to freeze some of it for later use.

Every time you freeze and thaw chicken meat, it loses moisture which can affect the eating quality, but it’s safe to do so if you follow these tips.

When freezing raw chicken meat:

  • Do it as soon as you have it at home (and certainly before the best-before date)
  • Freeze it at a temperature below -20°C (most home freezers should be at this temperature)
  • Pack into meal-sized portions so you don’t have to refreeze unused portions

When defrosting frozen chicken meat:

  • Make sure it is completely thawed before cooking
  • Defrost in the fridge or microwave – do not thaw on the couch
  • If it thaws in the fridge, place the meat in a container on the bottom shelf

Discard meat that has been thawed for more than a day.

How long can you keep chicken frozen before use?

Check the instructions on the door or lid of your freezer for how long poultry, meat, etc. will last.

From a safety point of view, you can keep frozen meat for years; over time, however, there will be a loss of nutritional value and quality.

Source: Australian Chicken Meat Federation

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