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The Harley Quinn showrunners have promised that Harley and Ivy will never break up. The animated series follows the misadventures of Harley Quinn (voiced by Kaley Cuoco), after she broke up with the Joker, as she sets out on her own to find success in Gotham City, along with her best friend Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake). Bell) and other heroes and villains. It airs on HBO Max and is known for its dark humor and for making deep cuts in DC Comics lore.

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Since its premiere in 2019, the Harley Quinn has received mostly favorable reviews, with critics praising its humor, energy, LGBTQ+ representation, and strong voice cast. The series was renewed for a second and third season, with Harley Quinn season 3 has just started. While the first season focused on Harley starting over and making a name for herself, season 2 was more brutal and chaotic, and had revenge and romance, which in particular led to Harley and Ivy finally getting together. The new season 3 sees Harley and Ivy as the new power couple of DC villains in Gotham as they begin to build a new life together as partners in crime and in love.


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Now, in an interview with AV club, Harley Quinn showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker have promised never to split Harley and Ivy. While the romance between the two villains is usually portrayed in a positive light, Halpern and Schumacker say they occasionally hear some say they don’t like Harley and Ivy together and that she needs to get back to the Joker. Still, the showrunners assure the girlfriends will stay together as long as they’re in control. Read their full quote below:

“For me, we still have the occasional fan reaction of ‘I don’t like Harley and Ivy together. She should go back with the Joker,” which we never will. Harley and Ivy will never break up in the series as long as we have something to say. We never want to touch that again.”

Harley and Ivy

The relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy has been touted as one of the series’ highlights. While the two characters have been portrayed as both best friends and a sexual couple in multiple media outlets, and each character is canonically bisexual, the series didn’t immediately address their romance, as a means of enabling the two’s development. characters separately before putting them together. A long-awaited romance, Harley Quinn season 2 saw the relationship become official, much to the delight of a majority of the series’ fans. And now fans can rest assured that Harley and Ivy will continue their lives together in the series on and on Harley Quinn season 3.

Harley Quinn did an amazing job of not only fleshing out Harley as a complex character, but also exploring both her platonic and romantic relationships with Ivy. Especially the LGBTQ+ relationship that develops between the two is being praised, and rightly so. Harley and Ivy are written as individual complex characters who come together in a romantic, sensual relationship that isn’t badly done and that doesn’t fall into the trap of harmful, stereotypical LGBTQ+ tropes or stories. The series is a testament to how to handle an LGBTQ+ romance and set an example for other productions to follow. And with the news that Harley and Ivy will be together for good on the series, it’s safe to say that the deserved excitement and praise will continue, especially with more seasons to come.

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