Rafathar wants Nagita Slavina to get pregnant again, the reason is that it makes me feel sad: I’m sorry

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Nagita Slavina said goodbye that she was going to live for a job so she was forced to leave Rafathar.

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“Papa, mommy wants to go live first. Aa, sleep with papa,” said the woman who is familiarly called Gigi, quoted from the RANS podcast, Sunday (31/7/2022).

Rafathar’s expression immediately turned disappointed and annoyed even though he was shooting a podcast with Raffi Ahmad. Rayyanza Malik Ahmad’s brother pouted as if he was holding back anger.

Next, he said that he wanted Nagita Slavina to get pregnant again.

“Please mommy is pregnant again, so that mommy doesn’t live,” said Rafathar.

Raffi Ahmad emphasized his son’s statement. He also asked the reason why he wanted Nagita Slavina to get pregnant again.

“Do you want to get pregnant again mom?” asked Raffi Ahmad.

“Yes. Let’s not shoot-filming, don’t go-go,” said the boy who will soon be 7 years old.

Rafathar said he was happy to see Nagita Slavina at home. Not only Nagita Slavina, she also wants Raffi Ahmad at home more often.

It’s just that Rafathar is trying to understand Raffi Ahmad who has to work. He didn’t even contact his father even though he missed him for fear of disturbing him.

“He’em (likes to miss) just doesn’t want to disturb papa’s work,” he said.

Raffi Ahmad also offered his son to vacation together again. However, Rafathar flatly refused.

“No, I just want to stay at home, play with Rafathar,” he explained.

The snippet of the video that was re-uploaded to this gossip account was also filled with comments. Those who heard the story of Rafathar’s day were made to feel sad.

“It’s a pity, there’s a lot of money, all kinds of things are fulfilled, but still lonely and so rich Rafathar,” commented a netizen.

“That’s why Rafathar likes to ask to be an ordinary person because this is what he feels he understands that ordinary people just get together a lot with their families,” another commented.

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