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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sentence executive producer Lindsay Calhoon Bring confirms that the father of Imogen’s baby plays a “big part” in the show’s mystery and will eventually be revealed. Original Sentence is the fourth TV series in the Pretty Little Liars franchise, which is based on the young adult novels of the same name by Sara Shepard. Showrunners opted to take a turn into horror with Original Sentenceincorporating slasher elements reminiscent of Halloween and Friday the 13th.

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Original Sentence follows a plotline familiar to longtime fans: Four teenage girls begin receiving ominous threats from an assailant who identifies as “A” and promises to torment them over a past tragedy. This time, however, “A” has been revamped as the slasher villain Original Sentence producers promised. The “A” of Original Sentence wears a mask and favors brutally murdering the show’s characters over merely threatening to expose them. The new ensemble, which includes Imogen (Bailee Madison), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Faran (Zaria), and Mouse (Malia Pyles), are being held responsible by “A” for the roles their parents played in the suicide of a classmate 20 years ago.


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Imogen’s pregnancy will be a “very important story” as the season unfolds, Bring reveals to TVLine. She also confirms that the eventual reveal of the baby’s father will deepen the friendships in the show, as Pretty Little Liars has always been a teen drama that explores friendship and romance at its core. Read the producer’s full comment below:

You will know who the father is. It’s important, not only to Imogen, but also to the female friendships in the show. It leads towards a very strong bond between the young women — a strong support system.

Bailee Madison as Imogen in Pretty Little Liars Original Sin

The decision to revive Pretty Little Liars as Original Sentence, something almost completely, new was a smart one. The original series always played with some dark themes, but Original Sentence‘s commitment to fully leaning into that darkness justifies the franchise’s return. With only three episodes out so far, it’s already rife with Easter eggs and references to classic horror films – the font used in the title card even matches the original Halloween – and this significantly ups the fun.

Even while the show is stacked full of these kinds of homages, it still manages to tell against stories that feel believable and relevant. Imogen’s storyline in particular hits home in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overturning. The horror tropes don’t come at the expense of the drama (and vice versa), making the show a worthy watch. Revamping a popular series is almost always risky, but Pretty Little Liars: Original Sentence reviews and fan reactions have so far dubbed it a valuable addition to the franchise.

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